Our Companies

  • Arter was founded in the 1990s initially as a consultancy company focusing on assessments and consulting related to different quality management systems. From its expertise in consulting, and supported by demand from its customers, it has evolved into a leading quality management and enterprise architecture software solution provider for the Finnish market. Arter also continues to deliver professional and training services to provide its customers with a complete offering. Arter is located in Helsinki, Finland. Show more
  • STRATEC Biomedical Ltd. is the Data Solutions entity of STRATEC, a world-leading partner for fully automated analyzer systems, software for laboratory data management, and smart consumables. The Aurora brand contains multiple products to meet the laboratory and niche end-user needs with many OEM clients having products based on Aurora platforms. STRATEC Biomedical is located in the UK in Burton upon Trent. Show more
  • For 25 years, easySoft has been developing high-performance software solutions for training management, seminar management, and HR development. EasySoft stands for consistent, successful relationships with more around 1.500 customers, predominantly in German-speaking countries. A significant majority of our users in the fields of education management and HR development have been with us for many years. Mutual trust is the most important prerequisite for any successful cooperation. Our energy and know-how go into helping our customers reach their own goals with ease and efficiency. EasySoft has an office in Bretten and its headquarters in Metzingen, Germany. Show more
  • We provide automated solutions for primary medication administration processes within hospitals, mental health, and care institutions. Klinicom is the Electronic Prescription System for medical specialists that reduces the change of prescription errors. Klinicom supports a closed-loop safe medication process in combination with Zamicom, the Hospital Pharmacy Information System. HI-Systems is a business unit of PharmaPartners. Show more
  • As specialists in digital change, IQDoQ boasts a wealth of experience. In the course of its history, spanning more than 30 years, IQDoQ has developed best practice solutions that offer efficient enterprise information management options even for your specific requirements. The philosophy is based on five principles: customer-driven dialogue, holistic solutions, immediate benefits, flexible and future-driven products, and reliable services. The company has its headquarters in Bad Vilbel and an office in Hamburg. Show more
  • KMO Solutions consults and support companies and sectors in securing issues relating to quality, working conditions, environment, and safety with the state of the art software. KMO Solutions stands for enduring advice, and with their knowledge and more than 25 years of experience, they help customers in complying efficiently and reliably with the ever more complex rules and regulations. Show more
  • Niveo, the Dutch Institute for Proficiency, Education & Development, offers a software suite to improve and secure the competence of employees in the Netherlands. With Niveo’s help employers can see at a glance which training, exercises, certificates and competencies their employees hold. Show more
  • We support General Practitioners (GPs) with software for their core business processes. Our software strengthens the practice efficiency and effectiveness, supports patients individually with their demand for care, and supports mutual and multi-disciplinary cooperation, 24/7. Moreover, the software for life solutions stimulates health optimization and patient self-management with eHealth. Our products are Medicom, Hapicom, MijnGezondheid.net and data management, BI and health optimization propositions. Show more
  • We support pharmacies with software for their core business operations. We help pharmacists to work efficiently while always guarding the patient’s safety. Our software optimizes operational processes, supports each patient individually with their choice of medicine and medication usage, and supports cooperation between colleagues and prescribers.

    On a daily basis, our systems process several million prescriptions while guaranteeing the patient's privacy. Our products Pharmacom and MijnMedicijnCoach enable patient self-management and contribute to treatment adherence.
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  • PinkRoccade Care supports nursing homes, home care organizations and care organizations for people with a disability with proven IT solutions. One of those solutions is mijnCaress, an Electronic Health Record (EHR). mijnCaress is tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals and their clients. With mijnCaress, everyone involved in the care process, can access and edit information quickly via smartphone, tablet or desktop. This information can be exchanged between healthcare professionals, insurance companies and municipalities. mijnCaress also has a portal for cliënts, their family and other caregivers (mijnCaress Cliëntportaal) and a smartphone application (iCaress).

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  • We support cure and care organizations in optimizing their business supporting processes with a high quality ERP software solution.
    Our solution CareCTRL is a total business supporting software solution, that also includes the in-depth knowledge and expertise for the healthcare specific processes. It is an integrated solution for advice, software, implementation, and administration.

    CareCTRL includes all vital processes:

    - Finance & Control
    - Purchase & Logistics
    - Staffing & Organization
    - Salary
    - Service & Maintenance
    - Environment & Safety
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  • PinkRoccade Cure provides IT services to hospitals and laboratories. They contribute to improving healthcare in the Netherlands on a daily basis by being the bridge between IT and healthcare professionals. Show more
  • CuliCart Hospitality is a food service software solution for the optimal support of food and drinks logistics in healthcare. CuliCart Hospitality (CCH) is the market leader in the Netherlands with its food service solution. CCH supports all types of food concepts in care from room service to meals on wheels. Show more
  • We provide integrative software solutions that facilitate the internal processes of healthcare organizations and thereby helping them to save costs and increase the quality of care.

    Our product are:

    - Bomas: an integrated accounting solution
    - DRP: system for optimal scheduling of employees
    - ProCare: solution to facilitate full the purchase-to-pay process
    - VILA: software that streamline logistics of all products within the organization
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  • PinkRoccade Hospitals BI ensures that your hospital has the necessary data management data at their disposal. Hospitals BI has an extensive data warehouse as well as ample knowledge of quality and patient safety.
    Our solutions are:
    - Performance monitor: always a current total overview of the quality indicators in your hospital
    - Datadash: anonymize your data to support the GDPR legislation
    - Geniq: a complete data warehouse for the most critical flows in the hospital
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  • PinkRoccade Hosting Services is a professional partner in cloud and managed services. Every day we ensure the availability and safety of data from millions of Dutch people via our Pink Private Cloud. Our highly available infrastructure, 24/7 technical support, and expert knowledge deliver the performance that mission-critical applications demand. Show more
  • From the client who makes an online appointment to the manager who has full insight into the IT infrastructure in the secured cloud solution. PinkRoccade Healthcare helps mental care institutions in all areas to release the pressure on the care process and to increase the quality of the service level with proven IT applications.

    Front office – myQuarant, the PRHC EPD solution can be integrated with the front office. And a client workspace ‘MyHealth online’ for other EPD solutions.
    Primary process – through our knowledge and experience we can offer a total solution. Starting with client registration, a care plan to finalize the complete implementation of the Law & Legislation rules in the financial backend system.
    Infrastructure – We offer total Hosting solutions for the healthcare sector and take care of all your needs with our hosting services, online services and managed services
    Business Intelligence – our solutions Geniq enables you to manage your business quickly, reliably and precisely based on the right data
    Service – our Service Center and consultants can be there for you, 24/7

    The Business Unit Mental Care works in close collaboration with several mental care providers and the Quarant User group to ensure that we deliver the best solutions to fulfill their needs.
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  • TECHNIDATA is a major player in the field of software solutions for hospital and clinical laboratories. Their solutions serve organizations from the small single-discipline private laboratory to very large multi-site and multi-disciplinary state-owned institutions. Their solutions are distributed worldwide by subsidiaries and a network of selected partners. In addition, TECHNIDATA collaborates with IVD, life science, and e-health companies to provide cost-effective OEM solutions. TECHNIDATA serves around 600 customers worldwide, has over 170 employees, and has its headquarters in Grenoble, France. Show more
  • Vlot Solutions was founded in 1985 by August and Ardin Vlot and delivers software for companies in the medical aids domain. From its office in Rotterdam, Vlot Solutions support hundreds of clients in the Netherlands. The services are based on a thorough understanding of the developments in the medical aids sector. Show more