Transaction Updates

  • Quantaris becomes part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS) Total Specific Solutions has reached an agreement to acquire Quantaris from the current shareholders. The transaction provides the current management of Quantaris more operational power to solidify their unique proposition for the notary market further.

    Quantaris: interactive software for the contemporary notary office

    Quantaris B.V., founded in 1992, supports the notary market in optimizing all its IT processes. Quantaris supplies in-house developed software: Quantaris Beheer & Informatie Systeem (Qu-BIS), a notary management and information system. All the data needed to compose a complete dossier are recorded in a structured manner and immediately available to generate a deed for the client interactively. Qu-BIS is integrated among others with the ECH, KIK of the Cadastral Agency, the Guardianship Register and National Register of Insolvencies, the GBA and the Chamber of Commerce. Qu-BIS can be extended to include the online client portal.

    In collaboration with Managed-IT and the Managed Solution Group, Quantaris has developed a unique proposition: the Back Office concept. With the Back Office concept, Quantaris offers the notary market the opportunity to use all relevant software, hardware, and services at a fixed price per dossier or deed.

    The business solutions of Quantaris service over 2,500 workstations within the notary market.

    John van den Berg, Managing Director of Quantaris. \"We continuously look for ways to better serve our service to our clients and with the third party integration and the Back Office concept, we have made significant steps forward. TSS offers us the tools to operate even more efficiently and become more market-oriented.\" John van den Berg will stay on as management of Quantaris together with Emil Stojanov. From the Managed Solutions Group, Bas Mathon will focus entirely on further developing innovative concepts whereby notary operations can be smartly outsourced.

    Total Specific Solutions expands its offering for the legal vertical

    Total Specific Solutions (TSS) is currently active in five verticals: (local) government, healthcare, finance, retail and the judicial sector. As part of Constellation Software Inc., TSS actively searches for companies to strengthen its position in the current verticals or to offer access to new markets, nationally as well as internationally. Quantaris, as a vertical market software company, fits in well. Ramon Zanders, General Manager of TSS, is pleased with the addition: "We feel that Quantaris is a nice and intrinsically good company. During the past years, Quantaris has developed a distinctive proposition, and we see that it meets the need in the market. The current software and Back Office concept, complemented by our vertical market knowledge, are a rich combination with which we can serve our customer even better. Quantaris will operate as an independent business unit within TSS."
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  • Van Brug Software and Dirict will join forces to serve the notary market Van Brug Software has reached an agreement with the shareholders to acquire the software company Dirict. Through this acquisition, Van Brug Software, the market leader in the notary software vertical and part of Total Specific Solutions, now has a complete product portfolio for the notary office. Van Brug Software and Dirict will continue to independently market their solutions and join forces to offer new functionality to existing customers.

    An online software solution accelerates growth

    'Notarisdossier' is the only web-based software solution for the notary office. The modular design ensures that it is flexible and scalable. Notary offices can choose to either place separate modules on top of their existing software or to use the complete notarial information system. Dirict\'s unique proposition meets the demand in the greatly changing notary market. Robert Heinen, managing director at Van Brug Software, is pleased with the expansion of the group: "We can now serve the notary offices with custom configured software modules. The acquisition enables us to serve our clients optimally. And it contributes to our growth ambition."

    A strong combination

    For seven years, Dirict has served the notary market with add-on software modules for notary information systems. Since a year, they also offer the complete notary system 'Notarisdossier Pro'. The number of notaries that switch to the online Notarisdossier Pro is increasing rapidly. Van Brug Software has developed the software solution Codex. Clients can supplement Codex with the Notarisdossier modules or make the switch to be entirely web-based. "Our modules always have fitted seamlessly with the solutions of Van Brug Software, who is the market leader. Notarisdossier has been developed using the latest techniques. Joining forces creates a powerful combination." As said by Rob van Weeghel, director of Dirict.

    A complementary proposition

    Van Brug Software and Dirict will serve the notary market together. Dirict will keep its existing and independent proposition with Notarisdossier Pro. Notarisdossier has been developed in collaboration with clients, and this will not change. Founders Niels Radstake and Rob van Weeghel and their employees will remain an autonomous team. Rob van Weeghel: "Dirict is known for its quick time to market and its collaborative thinking with our clients. And we will continue to do so from our office in Utrecht."

    About Van Brug Software

    Van Brug Software B.V., founded in 1985, is a software solution provider in the legal market and is specialized in the development, sales, implementation and support of end-to-end business software for the notary office. In April 2015, Van Brug Software joined Total Specific Solutions, a leading vertical market company consisting of independent business units that provide market-specific solutions and services to their verticals. TSS is part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a listed Canadian company.
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  • ACA acquired by a software specialist Total Specific Solutions has acquired the fashion software company ACA Groep Holding BV in Eindhoven. Through this transaction, Total Specific Solutions enters the market for fashion industry software and ACA gains extra force to further strengthen its unique position in this market.

    ACA: Market leader in software for the entire fashion industry spectrum with a strong position in this rapidly changing market

    ACA is the market leader in the fashion industry software sector and together with Divide, they form ACA Wholesale, Eazier, Multiply and Stockbase the Fashion Alliance. The cooperation delivers a holistic solution for wholesale and retail companies in the fashion industry. The all-in-one solution consists of ERP, Point of Sale, Social Media, Online Marketing and sharing of inventory within the chain.

    For many years, Total Specific Solutions has been active in the verticals: (local) government, healthcare, and finance. As part of Constellation Software Inc. TSS actively searches for new companies that will strengthen their position in current verticals or offer entry points into new verticals, nationally as well as internationally. After the previous acquisition in the legal sector, TSS enters a new vertical with the acquisition of ACA Fashion Software. Ramon Zanders, the General Manager at TSS, is pleased with the new addition to the group: "As the largest Vertical Market Software supplier in the Benelux we believe in market expertise. This is the starting point to help our clients with the specific challenges they face. We are organized into independent business units based on the unique client segments. This way we can best meet the needs of our customers."

    The know-how and the network of TSS and its parent organization Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) from Canada, will assist ACA to further improve its base and strengthen its position in the fashion market. The current management remains involved with ACA and will shape the strategy. Roel de Kock, the Managing Director of ACA, is delighted with the new owner: "TSS is a solid partner with extensive experience in the software industry from whom we can learn considerably. We remain an independent business unit but will seek to collaborate with other TSS or CSI companies, especially those with fashion expertise. We will actively pursue how we can serve our customers even better and more efficiently."

    About ACA

    It is ACA\'s mission to help improve the performance of fashion companies through excellent software that enables them to optimally serve the omnichannel consumer and manage their company with dependable management information. Software that contains intelligence reducing lost sales to a minimum. ACA serves all types of fashion companies, from pure online players to subsidiary companies, from independent stores to omnichannel companies and from brand suppliers to wholesalers who want to better support their retail customers. ACA was founded in 1983 and has automated over 1,000 companies.
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