Transaction Updates

  • Kred’it and PinkRoccade Local Government join forces PinkRoccade Local Government, part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS), has taken over the shares of Kred’it B.V. from the Director and sole shareholder Jesse Rasmussen per 1 July 2016. Kred’it is a supplier of software for debt assistance for municipalities and other public organizations. Kred’it will continue to function as an independent part of PinkRoccade Local Government and collaborate with them to offer new functionality to existing and new customers.

    A strong combination

    The activities of Kred’it and PinkRoccade Local Government are entirely complementary. By joining forces Kred’it will get the necessary scale and strength to continue to innovate and invest in their products to support debt assistance. PinkRoccade Local Government expands its software and services portfolio for the social domain. Next to the decentralizations with the social domain, helping households with debt problems is an increasingly important part of the services of municipalities and public organizations. Recent national studies and cabinet decisions confirm this importance.

    About Kred’it

    Kred’it, located in Eindhoven, is a specialist in software for debt assistance. Kred’it knows the debt assistance sector and its specific needs through and through based on many years of experience. Kred’it has three software products that each support a process within the debt assistance sector. Kred’it also offers support services for the industry.

    About PinkRoccade Local Government

    The environment in which the local governments are active has changed significantly over the past 30 years. Digitization, self-service and the citizen as a client have had far-reaching consequences for the business operations and services of municipalities and local governments. PinkRoccade Local Government offers suitable solutions for various policies. For over 30 years, PinkRoccade Local Government has developed future-proof business solutions that are successfully used by more than half of the Dutch municipalities.
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  • NCCW joins Total Specific Solutions (TSS) NCCW, the software company specialized in property management software, joins Total Specific Solutions (TSS) and establishes the real estate vertical of TSS. Together with TSS, NCCW can further strengthen its position in the Dutch market.

    NCCW supplies IT solutions for the real estate market. Over half of the Dutch housing associations use one or more of NCCW’s software solutions. They fully focus on innovating the chain processes enabling public housing authorities, clients, and suppliers to work together efficiently and to realize a high customer satisfaction rate.

    In 2015, the shares of NCCW were acquired by the employees of NCCW and the foundation NWR. On 1 July 2016, Total Specific Solutions (TSS) B.V. acquired 100% of the shares of NCCW.

    TSS is part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a Canadian-listed company. Within CSI there are several companies that concentrate on software solutions specifically for the real estate market. As part of TSS, NCCW will independently focus on and develop software solutions for the real estate market. At the same time, being part of CSI will enable NCCW, her employees, and customers to benefit from the cross-fertilization between the different countries with regards to trends, technological developments, and innovations. Customers will be able to use software products that have been developed specifically for their domain and their country, with the knowledge that the software is based on global expertise, trends, and developments.

    Wibo Pollmann, the Managing Director of NCCW: “As a result of the acquisition by TSS, we will benefit from the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the financial investment power and expertise of a major company, and on the other hand, the identity and the strength of NCCW will remain intact with the decentralized model that is used at TSS. TSS has crossed our path and fits our strategy seamlessly. In 2015, we identified a clear strategy for our three product lines: Property Management, BIS, and the Public Housing Cloud (‘Corporatie Cloud’). The chosen direction is proving to be successful with the first parties interested in Property Management, positive reactions on the latest version of BIS (XBIS) and strong growth in the number of customers that use the Public Housing Cloud. We aim to grow continuously and to keep amazing the real estate market, just as we have done over the last year. You need capital, knowledge, and innovation to grow, and TSS can offer us that.”

    A logical broadening of the Total Specific Solutions portfolio

    Total Specific Solutions is the largest Vertical Market Software (VMS) company in the Benelux. With the acquisition of NCCW, TSS now enters the Dutch real estate vertical, and NCCW gets access to additional means to strengthen its unique proposition further for the real estate market.

    Robin van Poelje, CEO of Total Specific Solutions: “TSS knows that successfully acquiring a company involves much more than just buying a company. It is about investing in people and doing what is needed to have the company grow and perform successfully in the long run, ‘for life’, and maintain its relevancy for customers. To achieve this, TSS operates with a decentralized model that places the decision-making power at the lowest possible level within the organization. We have a solid track record in acquiring new companies. Customers react positively to our ‘software-for-life’ vision. NCCW knows the real estate market like no other and with their solutions, they know how to meet the market’s demands. With the experience and investment power of TSS, we aim to grow NCCW’s position in the upcoming years. That is the reason why Total Specific Solutions has a ‘buy-and-hold-forever’ strategy. And by that same token, we challenge our now 1,600 employees of the 21 business units each day to try new things and to push their boundaries.”

    New phase

    The management of NCCW will stay on after the acquisition to, on the one hand, optimally serve the current customers and, on the other hand, to realize the growth ambition of the company. TSS will support the management with the development and growth of the three product lines Property Management, BIS and the Public Housing Cloud. Furthermore, TSS will in collaboration with NCCW explore and shape the opportunities for further growth in the real estate market.
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  • Total Specific Solutions strengthens its market position with Vicrea, the GEO IT market leader Vicrea joins the Total Specific Solutions group

    Utrecht, 1 June 2016. Vicrea is an innovative company that has emerged over the past years as the market leader in the area of GEO IT for integrated information solutions. Total Specific Solutions (TSS) regards Vicrea as an important strategic asset in the Dutch public market and considers the acquisition as a strategic addition to its leading market position.

    Vicrea focuses on the public and semi-public sector (ministries, provinces, municipalities, water authorities, Regional Implementation Office (RUD), umbrella organizations) and organizations in the mobility, energy, infrastructure, and construction domains and Vicrea is the market leader in the area of GEO IT solutions. The standard software suite has an end-to-end and integral solution for geo-based basis registration including addresses and buildings (BAG), large-scale topography (BGT) and object registration (WOZ). Vicrea also supplies standard solutions for integral accessibility, distribution, and integration of data and applications. Furthermore, Vicrea offers services for the development of customizations and control, among others by means of the secondment of GEO IT specialists. The innovative Smart Solution Platform provides consistency and overview like no other by combining data, concentrating solutions and the linking of third party components.

    The Vicrea organization will retain its autonomy and entrepreneurship and remains based in Amersfoort under its current name. Kees Radstaak, the Managing Director, will stay on board and shares his vision on the acquisition: “Vicrea was ready for the next step in her growth strategy. In TSS we have found an organization with whom we can realize considerable synergy with other units which will enable us to implement our strategy more quickly and vigorously. As part of a large vertical market software company you have access to knowledge, know-how, and resources that can provide Vicrea the required strength for the next phase.”

    “Vicrea is a gem in the Dutch IT industry; a company of which to be proud. Total Specific Solutions is always looking for vertical market software companies that can deliver a valuable contribution to our customer proposition or give access to new markets.” Says Han Knooren, General Manager of Total Specific Solutions. "With Vicrea, we have found such a company. Their product suite is closely aligned with our existing solutions whereby we can serve our customers even better.”

    About Vicrea Solutions

    Vicrea is Dutch IT company, specialized in smart data integration solutions, Geographic Information Systems, and SmartCity applications and transforms data into valuable information. Vicrea helps (semi) public organizations (ministries, provinces, municipalities, water authorities, Regional Implementation Office, umbrella organizations) and organizations in the mobility, energy, infrastructure, and construction domains. The solutions contribute to the challenges in the areas: governance, economic development, mobility, infrastructure, environment, people, security, and energy.
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