Transaction Updates

  • Total Specific Solutions enters the maritime vertical with the acquisition of Quality Positioning Services B.V. Total Specific Solutions (‘TSS’) B.V. has acquired Quality Positioning Services B.V. (‘QPS’), the global niche leader in maritime geomatics software and services from Saab AB, the Swedish defense-, aerospace- and maritime conglomerate. Considered non-core within Saab’s portfolio of activities, the divestment will allow both Saab AB and QPS to prioritize strategically.

    QPS provides a full range of software solutions for various market segments within the global maritime industry, such as, dredging, offshore renewables, oil and gas, pipe/cable laying, ports, harbors & terminals, and piloting. The software suite includes Qinsy, a leading solution for survey planning, acquisition, and real-time hydrographic data processing. Fledermaus is a 4D geospatial analysis solution, Qastor is a product for precise piloting, Qimera for simple and intuitive hydrographic data processing, and Qarto for rapid, automated ENC production from high resolution source bathymetry. QPS services customers around the world through a dedicated network of resellers and has a local presence in the Netherlands, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

    Joost van Haarlem, Portfolio Manager at TSS: “We are proud that QPS, our first maritime solution provider, has joined TSS. They have been a global niche leader for decades in their vertical, and they have an impressive range of well-known customers to which they provide mission-critical products. As an owner, we expect to share best practices with QPS in order to drive sustainable growth further, building upon knowledge gained of owning global technical software businesses within TSS and Constellation Software Inc, (‘CSI’). I am looking forward to working with Almar Hollaar and Jonathan Beaudoin, the Managing Directors, and their team and focusing on the future of QPS as part of TSS.”

    Jonathan Beaudoin, Managing Director at QPS West: “Over the past years we have invested much in our product suite. For example, Qimera, our processing software solution, now offers a full workflow from acquisition (Qinsy) to data visualization and analysis (Fledermaus). And we have upgraded our harbor piloting solutions Qastor and Qarto to fit the current and future standards. Our customers have been with us for decades, which confirms the quality of our software.”

    Almar Hollaar, Managing Director at QPS East: “TSS will provide us new best practices on running Vertical Market Software companies. And by joining TSS, who has the ‘Software for Life’ strategy, we can continue to be a leader in our industry in the future. Saab AB, our former owner, can pursue the strategy for its clearly defined target industry, having ensured us a new basis to continue our future for our company, customers, and employees.”

    Quality Positioning Services (QPS)

    For more than 25 years, Quality Positioning Services (QPS) have been experts in maritime geomatics software and services. We are unique in that our solutions encompass the entire workflow, from the surveyor all the way to the pilot. Our solutions are used across a variety of industries, including hydrographic surveying, dredging, offshore construction, oil and gas, offshore wind farm support, chart production, and piloting. It became part Saab AB through the acquisition of HITT N.V. in 2012.

    QPS is headquartered in Zeist, The Netherlands, and has subsidiary offices located in Portsmouth, USA; Fredericton, Canada; and Banbury, UK.

    Saab AB

    Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions within military defense and civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents around the world. Through innovative, collaborative and pragmatic thinking, Saab develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.
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  • Dutch fashion software supplier Reflecta joins Total Specific Solutions The Dutch software company Reflecta Automation, a well-known fashion software supplier supporting over 250 brands, has joined Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). It is a strong addition to the fashion retail cluster of TSS, which includes companies as ACA, Divide, and prohandel.

    Relfecta has a full-suite ERP fashion software solution, XL-ENZ, covering all the logistics and financial administrative needs of fashion wholesalers. Additionally, the XL-ENZ solution can integrate with webshops, sales apps or CRM, and other additional functionality.

    Jasper Bollen, General Manager at TSS: “I am very pleased that Reflecta, with its thirty years of experience, is joining our existing fashion cluster, especially extending our offering for wholesalers in this space. With this latest acquisition, the TSS Fashion cluster has become a market leader in the Dutch fashion software space. In line with the TSS/CSI strategy, each company continues to operate independently. By sharing knowledge and learnings within the cluster, we see significant cross-fertilization and other benefits of the scale we have now reached. Marlies Davidse will be the business unit manager of Reflecta reporting into Player Coach Peter van der Zwan. Reflecta’s founder and owner, Frank Arnold, will remain involved as an employee of the company.”

    Marlies Davidse, Business Unit Manager of Reflecta: “This is an exciting new step for Reflecta and me. Frank has founded and grown the company for thirty years, developed a valued product in the market, and nurtured a great team. We have learned so much from Frank on running a fashion software company. I have been handed the baton, and I look forward to the next leg of the journey of Reflecta. Jasper, Peter, and our new colleagues in the fashion and retail cluster will help us gain new insights and give us the leverage needed to continue our growth for the next thirty years.

    Frank Arnold, founder of Reflecta: “Parting with the company that you founded and matured, is like a child leaving home. Bittersweet. Reflecta is ready for the next growth phase, and TSS gives us the commercial clout needed to take that step. And, the ‘software for life’ principle was a decisive factor, as was the fact that Reflecta will be run as an independent business unit within TSS. I will remain involved as an employee to continue to support Marlies and her team in the coming period.

    Reflecta was founded in 1990, developing modern solutions for the fashion industry. Reflecta’s customers come from different fashion industry sectors: wholesale, retail, brands and CMT, production companies, and private labels. From clothes to shoes, to accessories, to sports articles. Reflecta believes in teamwork, internally as well as with their clients. Reflecta is located in Capelle a/d Ijssel.
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  • The German software company DOBRICK + WAGNER joins Total Specific Solutions DOBRICK + WAGNER Softwarehouse GmbH, a German software company, based in Dortmund has joined Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). With this acquisition, TSS expands its foothold in Germany and strengthens its presence in the social care space across Europe. The acquisition follows TSS’s strategy to enhance its position in this vertical market across Europe.

    DOBRICK + WAGNER offers its clients a full range of solutions for the needs of Social Affairs. The VIA-S suite has, among others, client management, documentation, order processing, accounting and payrolling solutions. They also offer partner solutions for planning and archiving, including a workflow integration supplement. Overall it is a full solution suite for the social care market which is completed by a service offering that includes project management, consultancy, and training to help clients efficiently serve their customers.

    Jasper Bollen, General Manager at TSS: “I am very pleased to have DOBRICK + WAGNER join us in Germany. It is a vertical market software (VMS) company in a new vertical for us in Germany, but one where we already have a lot of experience, especially in the Netherlands. Although each country has its unique type of legislation, it will be interesting to share practices across borders. DOBRICK + WAGNER and TSS share a customer-oriented focus.
    Mr. Federico Dobrick has now fully handed over the company's management to the Managing Director, Mr. Manuel Dobrick, who will continue as MD of the company in its new phase as an independent business unit of TSS.”

    Manuel Dobrick, Managing Director DOBRICK + WAGNER: “I am excited to lead our company into the next phase. Being part of a large organization gives us new insights and perspectives on the focus of our future and it will give us fresh motivation. Our strategy is to find and understand the future requirements of the social care space so we can quickly act on market demand. We look forward to sharing our years of experience with our new colleagues.

    Federico Dobrick, one of the founders of DOBRICK + WAGNER: “Having our highly motivated team built such a rich and mission-critical solution for the social affairs market over the years is something that I am proud of. We know the social care organizations well, as well as the people who work there. We have known them for three decades. The TSS ‘Software for Life’ principle means that business and the VIA-S suite will continue for our customers and colleagues. My nephew Manuel and his team under the wing of TSS will continue serving the market from our office in Dortmund, supported by the great opportunities that the TSS Group brings.”

    Since 1987, the name DOBRICK + WAGNER has stood for the development and support of economical IT solutions in the Social Affairs sector. They have built close relationships with their clients and know their structures and processes. The VIA-S suite, combined with the services helps their clients in many facets of their daily operations. DOBRICK + WAGNER is located in Dortmund, Germany.

    If you are an owner of a Vertical Market Software company in Germany and you would like to know more about joining TSS, please contact:

    Alexander Brendecke
    Telephone: +49 (151) 162 288 60

    -- German version --

    Das deutsche Software-Unternehmen DOBRICK + WAGNER wird Teil von Total Specific Solutions

     Nieuwegein/Dortmund, 9. Juli 2020. DOBRICK + WAGNER Softwarehouse GmbH, ein Dortmunder Softwareunternehmen, hat sich Total Specific Solutions ("TSS") angeschlossen. Mit dieser Akquisition baut TSS seine Präsenz in Deutschland und der Sozialwirtschaft in Europa aus. Die Übernahme ist Teil der Strategie der TSS, die Position in diesem vertikalen Markt in ganz Europa konsequent auszubauen..

    DOBRICK + WAGNER bietet seinen Kunden eine umfassende Portfolio von Lösungen für die Bedürfnisse  der Sozialwirtschaft. Die VIA-S Produktlinie umfasst u.a. Lösungen für die Klientenverwaltung,  Dokumentation, Warenwirtschaft und PPS sowie für die Lohnabrechnung. Ergänzt wird die Suite durch Partnerlösungen für die Planung und Archivierung inkl. einer Workflowintegration. Insgesamt ist es eine vollständige Lösung für den Sozialmarkt, welche durch ein Service Offering bestehend aus Projektmanagement, Beratung und Schulung, ergänzt wird, damit die Kunden ihre Klienten und Träger effizient bedienen können.

    Jasper Bollen, General Manager bei TSS: "Ich freue mich sehr, dass DOBRICK + WAGNER in Deutschland zu uns gestoßen ist. Es handelt sich um ein Branchensoftwareunternehmen in einer für uns neuen Branche in Deutschland, in der wir jedoch insbesondere in den Niederlanden bereits über viel Erfahrung verfügen. Obwohl jedes Land seine eigene Gesetzgebung hat, wird es interessant sein, Erfahrungen und Lösungsansätze über Grenzen hinweg auszutauschen. DOBRICK + WAGNER und TSS teilen den gemeinsamen Fokus der Kundenorientierung.

    Der Gesellschafter Herr Federico Dobrick  wird nun die Geschäftsführung vollständig an den Geschäftsführer, Herrn Manuel Dobrick, übergeben, der das Unternehmen in seiner neuen Phase als unabhängige Geschäftseinheit von TSS weiterhin als Geschäftsführer leiten wird.

    Manuel Dobrick, Geschäftsführer DOBRICK + WAGNER: "Ich freue mich darauf, unser Unternehmen mit neuen Möglichkeiten in die nächste Phase zu führen. Teil einer großen Organisation zu sein, gibt uns völlig neue Erkenntnisse und Perspektiven für  unseren zukünftigen Weg und wird uns neu motivieren. Es ist unsere Strategie, die zukünftigen Anforderungen des Marktes für das Sozialwesen zu erkennen und zu verstehen, so dass wir schnell auf die Marktanforderungen reagieren können. Wir freuen uns darauf, unsere jahrelangen Erfahrungen mit unseren neuen Kollegen zu teilen.

    Federico Dobrick, einer der  Gründer von DOBRICK + WAGNER: "Es erfüllt mich mit Stolz, mit einem hochmotivierten Team über die Jahre hinweg eine so umfangreiche und geschäftskritische Branchenlösung für die Sozialwirtschaft geschaffen zu haben. Wir kennen die sozialen Einrichtungen und die Menschen, die dort arbeiten seit mehr als drei Jahrzehnten. Das TSS 'Software for Life'-Prinzip bedeutet, dass das Unternehmen und speziell VIA-S im Sinne unserer Kunden und Mitarbeiter weitergeführt wird. Mein Neffe Manuel und das Team werden den Markt weiterhin von unserem Büro in Dortmund aus betreuen; unterstützt durch die großartigen Möglichkeiten, die die  TSS-Familie einbringt."

    Seit 1987 steht der Name DOBRICK + WAGNER für die Entwicklung und Unterstützung von wirtschaftlichen IT-Lösungen im Sozialbereich. Das Unternehmen hat enge Beziehungen zu seinen Kunden aufgebaut und kennt deren Strukturen und Prozesse. Die VIA-S-Suite, kombiniert mit Dienstleistungen, hilft ihren Kunden in vielen Facetten ihrer täglichen Arbeit. DOBRICK + WAGNER hat seinen Sitz in Dortmund, Deutschland.
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