Knowledge travels through people - highlights of the international summit in Spain

Oct 13, 2022
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Once a year, each GM/region holds its dedicated event, and we also organize an international summit for all leaders within our TSS companies annually. In September 2022, TSS organized its first international Summit in Spain. It was indeed a great success.

When companies join Total Specific Solutions (TSS), they retain their identity and continue serving their market. At TSS/CSI, we believe that being close to your market and providing mission-critical, dedicated software solutions creates customer intimacy. Our companies understand their customers and their needs. As a perpetual owner, TSS is a good home to many different software companies of various sizes. By sharing best practices that we accumulate over time and continuously refine, we help our business units to reach their full potential. 70% of the previous owners/leaders who sold their businesses to TSS are still a part of our leadership team.

Events and Summits are one of the means to bring people together and share insights. Take, for example, the TSS Summit in Malaga; our new companies experience the open character of TSS, meet colleagues from different countries and verticals, and the overall willingness to share knowledge and help colleagues.

I believe that networking is just as important as gaining new insights. When you know people, you know who to go to if you have a question or when you want to discuss an approach for a specific situation. Knowledge travels through people, so it is good to know the people in TSS. And we have a team spirit here, always willing to help.

So if you are looking for a new perpetual owner for your software company and want to retain your identity yet be part of a larger group, reach out to us.

Han Knooren
Group CEO Total Specific Solutions Share: