TSS Academy Spain 2023

Jul 05, 2023 Spain
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At TSS Spain, we celebrate talent. We are all talents, a constellation of knowledge.

A month ago, we celebrated our second edition of the TSS Spain Academy with ANOOKM.SOFT WorldwideSpyro Software for IndustryBaratz, and Ofimática. Knowledge travels through people, so many of our talents were invited to attend and enjoy the presentations, gain new insights, share their knowledge, and network. Networking is essential to our Academies because if knowledge travels through people, you need to know the people. A good network makes you feel connected, and you know whom to contact when you need new insights or help.

During the different sessions, the participants learned the answers to such questions as how VMS business units add real value for customers, how can we achieve an optimal balance between providing value and receiving a fair share of value in return, and what it means to create value in the delivery of products and services to customers?

Our General Manager Jurriaan Piek addressed the Spanish leadership members, and inspiring leaders such as Françoise Farag, GM of the French Social Housing Group, were invited to speak and share her best practices for creating value.

But it all starts with 'Soy Talento,' the people who focus on and help our clients, create our solutions, manage our companies, etc. Those people make up our companies, and we are those people, soy talento!