TSS Italy Advanced Academy and Leadership Summit

May 29, 2024 Italy
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Advanced Academy

TSS Italy hosted the second edition of the Italian Advanced Academy on May 13th and 14th, 2024, at the Relais Bellaria Hotel & Congressi **** in Bologna.

The Advanced Academy is by invitation only and reserved for a selected number of employees working at any of the seven Italian Business Units. During these two days, our best talents had the opportunity to learn about new best practices, draw inspiration from the internal and external speakers who were invited to present their insights, and, above all, share and increase their own experiences and knowledge.

During the Advanced Academy, the participants had the chance to put their managerial skills to the test, thanks to the Management Drives session held by Patrizia Bega (Modus Maris). They also got the opportunity to get to know themselves better, developing their key characters and trying to understand where and how to improve in depth.

All the participants had the opportunity to dig deeper into the TSS world thanks to the speeches by Francesco Basili (General Manager of NextIp), Andrea Danielli (R&D Manager of RTS—Remote Terminal System), Stefano Vitale (Managing Director of AP System), and Robertino Piazza (Managing Director of RTS—Remote Terminal System). Robertino Piazza also held a Finance boot camp, which was key to interpreting and implementing all TSS ratios.

The event ended with a VMS Game, which allowed our talents to gain deeper insights into the dynamics of Total Specific Solutions. They faced each other and put into practice what they learned during the Advanced Academy while having fun and getting to know each other better—another successful edition, thanks to our talents, the speakers, and to all who attended. See you next year at the 2025 editions of the Italian Advanced Academy!

Leadership Summit

Our 2024 TSS Italy Leadership Summit followed the Advanced Academy and occurred on May 15th and 16th, 2024, at the Relais Bellaria Hotel & Congressi **** in Bologna.

All the management teams from our seven Italian business units participated in a series of sessions and speeches hosted by some of the participants, and the best internal and external speakers. The Summit focuses on sharing best practices, experiences, and strategies for the constant evolution and continuous development of our leadership teams. The value of sharing knowledge is one of the many advantages of being part of a group like TSS. This also means that each Summit and Academy includes many networking opportunities so that the participants create a strong network in their region.

During the Italian edition of the Leadership Summit, all managing directors from all Italian business units had the chance to take the stage and tell their histories of success and growth in TSS. After the opening speech by Erwin Witte (General Manager of TSS Italy), who emphasized the impressive growth of the Italian Cluster in the last 12 months, Francesco Basili (General Manager of NextIp), Andrea Carnevali (Managing Director of Gesinf), Stefano Vitale (Managing Director of AP System), Robertino Piazza (Managing Director of RTS – Remote Terminal System), Massimo Rossi (Managing Director of Delta Informatica) and Carlo Ferrari (Managing Director of System Service) also offered their expertise and contribution.

As a guest speaker, Didier Russaouen of Tribofilm (part of Groupe TSS, France) offered an in-depth insight into the best practices implemented in CS inside his company. Last but not least, our CEO, Han Knooren, remarked on his impressive 10-year experience in CSI, offering different points of view on a long, challenging, and inspiring journey.

Another successful edition, thanks to our management teams and to all who attended. We can't wait to meet together again with all our management teams next year!

Perpetual Ownership

TSS is a perpetual owner, meaning we buy once and hold forever. When a company is acquired, it becomes part of our group, following a long-term investment strategy focused on business unit continuity. Continuous learning is essential for business continuity, and the above-mentioned events are part of the programs to ensure that we invest in knowledge, our people, and, thus, our companies. Knowledge travels through people. By investing in our people, we invest in our companies and our future.

Pictures of the TSS Italy Advanced Academy and TSS Italy Leadership Summit.