Total Specific Solutions has acquired the Subsurface software business from Lloyd’s Register

Jul 06, 2022 United Kingdom
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Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) has acquired Subsurface and its two interactive software solutions from Lloyd’s Register, one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology in the maritime sector. Interactive Petrophysics and Interactive Correlations are well analysis and interpretation software solutions. Subsurface will be added to the GeoSoftware ecosystem but will operate as an independent business unit.

The Subsurface software applications have been built to provide its customers a solid understanding of well management. Interactive Petrophysics is a best-in-class tool for robust subsurface interpretations. It offers a thorough analysis for making geological and petrophysical decisions. The Interactive Petrophysics software solution allows customers to increase their efficiency across subsurface disciplines and supports improved reservoir performance throughout the entire assets’ lifecycle. Interactive Correlations provides users the visualization functionality needed to identify specific surface structures for confident decision-making in all of their well and field optimization projects.

Abdelmoula Salah, General Manager at TSS: “We are pleased that Subsurface, with its two dedicated software solutions for well management, has joined TSS. Subsurface will remain an independent business unit and will help us strengthen our foothold in the geoscience vertical. The company will be a great addition to the GeoSoftware ecosystem. By adding Subsurface to our portfolio, we gain a wealth of domain knowledge and experience. The oil and gas domain is in transition, and you need this in-depth understanding to anticipate the direction of the change and help your clients stay ahead of the competition. I look forward to helping Derek Crombie and his team become acquainted with the TSS best practices.”

Nial McCollam, CTO, Llyod's Register Group: “Our strategy at Lloyd’s Register for the coming years is to become the go-to trusted advisor for compliance, performance, and sustainability focusing on the ocean economy. In TSS, we have found a new owner who believes in 'Software for Life', and thus who can guarantee continuity for the company, clients, and employees. Subsurface is a great match with GeoSoftware, focusing on the oil and gas vertical. We believe TSS through GeoSoftware is a fitting new home for Subsurface where it can continue its successful journey.”

Derek Crombie, Managing Director of Subsurface: “Integrated digital technologies are vital for subsurface operators to keep pace with, and push the boundaries of, a rapidly changing world. Last year, we innovated the lifecycle approach in software, adding new modules and updates to IC and IP. Our software solutions are well-positioned for the transition that is taking place in our industry. We look forward to being part of a vertical market software group with companies focused on the geoscience domain. It will be inspiring to gain new insights and share our knowledge."

About the Subsurface software division of LR
Subsurface consists of two dedicated software solutions for the oil and gas vertical: Interactive Petrophysics (IP), a well analysis solution, and Interactive Correlations (IC), a well interpretation software product. Subsurface has demonstrated applicability in new energy markets, its IP and IC software are being used across a variety of new energy markets. Subsurface will be added to the GeoSoftware ecosystem but will operate as an independent business unit. Subsurface has its headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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