Total Specific Solutions enters the Finnish software market with the acquisition of Maestro

Mar 05, 2018 France
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Mediamaestro Oy (“Maestro”), the Finnish software vendor with software solutions for the retail and the accountancy verticals, has joined Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). With this acquisition, TSS enters the Finnish software market and further strengthens its position in both the retail and accountancy services industries, where it already has established itself in the Netherlands and Germany.

Maestro has an omnichannel retail solution that brings e-commerce and physical stores together. The cloud-based complete ERP system, MaestroNG, covers all the vital needs of retailers, retail chains and B2B-companies for business management but also includes a fully integrated solution for e-commerce, CRM, POS, and financials. Verso is Maestro’s solution for accounting firms and their respective clients. It is an easy-to-use professional software suite covering all financials including accounting, payments, account ledgers, payroll and additional tools.

Mika Savolainen, the Managing Director of Maestro: “Becoming part of TSS can help us reaching the next level of focus for each of our core products. We have created the concept, where we bring e-commerce and physical stores together in a new way, providing omnichannel services for Maestro’s B2B and B2C customers. This is a solid proposition for the market. Exchanging and learning best practices from other retail solution companies within TSS will bring new insights on how to run a successful retail software company. The same applies to our accountancy software and client base. We look forward to learning from the in-depth knowledge of TSS and CSI in running vertical market software businesses.”

Ramon Zanders, General Manager TSS: “We are expanding further into Europe and Maestro is the first company in Finland that we have acquired. It is a software company serving two different verticals in which we have experience: retail and accountancy. In retail, we have a vast amount of knowledge through ACA, prohandel and our recent acquisition Divide. Now that Maestro joins TSS we not only strengthen our expertise in this sector even more but we will also have more diversity in the regions where we serve retail clients. With Verso, the accountancy solution of Maestro, we build up our foothold in that market as well after recently entering the vertical in the Netherlands through the acquisition of CreAim DS. By sharing our learnings, we will support Mika Savolainen who will stay on as Managing Director, and the management team in further expanding the growth in the two verticals.”

Turo Puittinen, Chairman of Maestro: “I had reached that point in my life where I wanted to move on to new endeavors, but to do so, I had to make sure that the future of the company, its employees and customers was ensured. You build a company and it becomes part of your family so to speak. TSS has a software for life policy and much experience in vertical market software. Therefore, it is the right owner to take Maestro, its customers and employees into the future.”

About Maestro
Maestro is an independent software company that specializes in retail business, services, wholesale trade and chained commerce in Finland. Maestro serves the retail sector through the solution where ERP and e-commerce are seamlessly combined and the accounting offices through the Verso partnership program. It was founded over 30 years ago and has three offices in Finland: Savonlinna, Lappeenranta, and Helsinki. Share: