Five years of acquisitions under Constellation Software

Apr 30, 2019
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Constellation Software Inc. (“CSI”), Total Specific Solutions’ (TSS) parent company, was named top strategic acquirer of software companies based on the number of acquisitions in 2018 for the second year in a row. The internationally renowned Corum Group conducted an independent analysis and found that significantly more software companies joined Constellation Software in 2018 than any other well-known strategic acquirers active in the vertical market software space.

From Dutch to European
TSS has evolved from a primarily Dutch player (incl. one Romanian company since 2007) into a leading vertical market software (VMS) company in Europe since its acquisition by Constellation Software in January 2014. During the first three years as part of the CSI group, we focused on acquisitions in existing and new verticals in the Netherlands. During the following years, international growth became the top priority which is in line with CSI’s growth strategy. In March 2017, we announced our first European acquisition in a vertical that is well-known to TSS: French software supplier Cosoluce and IT service provider Héliantis. Both companies focus on the French local government sector. In the subsequent two years, an additional eight VMS companies in seven different European countries have joined TSS. Currently, TSS is present in ten European countries from the Nordics to Southern Europe.

Constellation Software and its European software group TSS
CSI has a decentralized organizational model meaning that its six operating groups are run and managed independently. TSS has the ambition to become Europe's Leading VMS company and aims to continue the growth of its portfolio of European vertical market software companies. TSS acquires software companies for life. The initial focus is on growing our companies organically. Accelerated growth is pursued through acquisitions within verticals in which TSS companies are already active or growth in new verticals and countries.

Becoming part of TSS
TSS also follows the CSI decentralized business model, meaning that the different companies retain a high level of commercial business autonomy. In line with the 'Software for Life' philosophy, TSS supports the management of the businesses through best practices making sure that the product offerings remain relevant by developing and improving the software continuously, implementing the necessary changes to comply with the new market or legislative requirements, and ensuring the needed technological advancements based on customer-driven needs. TSS believes in sharing knowledge and best practices and with over 2,300 colleagues in 17 verticals and 10 countries, our experience continues to grow.

Finding a right and permanent home for the organization (perpetual ownership), leveraging 25 years of CSI’s know-how and best practices in managing and growing vertical market software companies, and the decentralized organizational model characterized by a high degree of autonomy are often reasons for owners to sell to TSS.

Interested in becoming part of TSS?
TSS is continuously seeking new opportunities to add value to our existing vertical markets and geographies and is equally excited to explore new verticals and geographies when great opportunities present themselves. In line with our parent company, we work with high levels of confidentiality.

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