Total Specific Solutions expands its presence in Sweden with the acquisition of Ping Pong AB

Jan 09, 2020 Sweden
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Total Specific Solutions (TSS) has acquired Ping Pong AB. Ping Pong believes in lifelong learning for everyone and is the Swedish market leader in Learning Management Systems. With this acquisition, TSS expands its existing market presence in Sweden, where FDT and Infoflex are already part of the group.

Ping Pong offers educational solutions for schools, universities, public sector and companies. For schools, the Ping Pong platform allows teachers to involve students to participate and create content. It provides teachers an easy way to assess and monitor the development of each student, including assignments, grades, attendance records, and more.
For higher education, the Ping Pong platform complements the regular curriculum, offering students the opportunity to engage in active learning, individually or with others. And it allows students and professors to follow the progression over time. The solution offers, for example, flexible test tools for examination and self-testing, tools for collaborative learning in groups, and more.
For companies and public organizations, the solution is the online meeting places for knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences. It motivates employees to further their education. It has a course administration tool, including attendance management, course implementation, and certification.

Ramon Zanders, Group CEO at TSS: “We are very excited to expand our presence in Sweden and have Ping Pong, a leading company in learning management systems join us. Continuous learning and sharing of best practices are high on the agenda of TSS. And now, we have a company within our group that has created a platform to enable knowledge sharing not only in the educational sector but also across enterprises and public organizations. Ping Pong has over 2,5 million accounts, which is very impressive. And I am looking forward to finding out more about their approach to customer and user engagement. It is a solid company, and TSS can provide the ownership to support the growth.

Sofia Högman, Managing Director Ping Pong: “We are very proud of what we have accomplished with our team. Our digital platform for lifelong personal learning supports over 2,5 million users. The solution spans from primary schools to higher education, as well as knowledge sharing and competence development at enterprises and public organizations. To safeguard the continued growth of our company, we were looking for a lifelong owner who values the need for knowledge sharing as much as we do. The ‘Software for Life’ principle of TSS and their focus on academic programs provided the click we were looking for. We now have access to the best practices of around 3,000 colleagues on running software companies in TSS and can focus on the future for our customers, employees, and company.”

Ping Pong
The company has been working for lifelong personal learning since 2002 when they designed the first version of the learning platform PING PONG. Since then, it has expanded with the continuous development of new products and modules. The company offers digital education solutions for schools, higher education, enterprises and public organizations. Ping Pong currently has over 2.5 million accounts in Sweden and approximately 300,000 monthly users of their digital tools. Ping Pong AB consists of about 40 people working in the office in the middle of Södermalm in Stockholm.

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