Total Specific Solutions expands its presence in Finland with the acquisition of Futunio

Apr 09, 2020 Finland
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Total Specific Solutions (TSS) has acquired the vertical market software (VMS) company Futunio Oy. Through this acquisition, TSS has expanded its portfolio into the area of software for trade unions and unemployment funds. It also marks the third acquisition for TSS in Finland, having acquired Mediamaestro Oy and Arter Oy previously.

Futunio is the Finnish market leader in software for Trade Unions through its products aSuite and YAP-Liitto. In addition, it has a strong position in the Unemployment Fund space in Finland as well through its product YAP-Kassa. All solutions provide wall to wall functionality, covering both back-end and front-end processes of their customers. Futunio is a niche market leader and true vertical market software enterprise. The company has grown over the past years both organically and through targeted acquisitions, making it an attractive platform investment for TSS.

Mika Savolainen, General Manager at TSS: “We are proud to welcome Futunio to TSS. It marks our third acquisition in Finland and we are excited to have the opportunity to acquire the market leader in the trade union and unemployment fund space. Futunio has built a strong business over the years, maintaining excellent relationships with its clients. They focus on helping their clients increase their efficiency with their software solutions, which is now more important than ever. Futunio has a clear vision for the future, and I look forward to taking the next steps in building an enduring software company with Heikki Kärki, who will remain its Managing Director. He will continue to run Futunio as an independent business unit, located in Vantaa.”

Heikki Kärki, Managing Director Futunio: “We produce our customers' critical and demanding key functions and, in line with our vision, modernize the industry by providing the most advanced solutions and comprehensive services to our customers. We are pleased to take the next step in our growth towards our goals, together with TSS. TSS and its business community offer us leverage, best practices, and a whole new kind of opportunity to thrive and develop our services.

We value TSS's Software for life program, the principle of perpetual ownership, and operating as an independent company under the TSS flag. These guarantee the long-term development and continuity of our company for our customers and employees. We are now part of a network of more than 3,000 new colleagues and have access to their knowledge and best practices. We can apply new learnings on top of our own best practices to the benefit of our customers. We will continue to be the same reliable partner for our customers and other relationships.


Futunio is accelerating its customers' digital leap and renewing the trade union and unemployment fund industry together with its customers. Futunio implements agile and flexible technology solutions, with the development of the customer experience being our top priority. In addition to strategic partnerships, our competitive advantages include especially specialized industry expertise, development ability, and desire. Our products have a social significance, affecting the daily lives of about 2 million working and unemployed Finns every year. Share: