Total Specific Solutions expands its position in Spain with the acquisition of Spyro

May 18, 2020 Spain
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Spyro, one of the leading suppliers of software solutions for the Spanish manufacturing vertical, has joined Total Specific Solutions (‘TSS’). This is the second company in Spain to join the European VMS group, following Ofimática, and the third in the industry vertical.

The VMS company Spyro has a flagship software product for industry and specifically for the machine tooling and metal casting sectors. Their core product is an ERP solution called Spyro, which is a multifunctional suite covering the strategic, production, management, and support processes for the industrial sector. Spyro ERP gives clients further control over the entire supply chain, helping them manage the operational processes as well. And it provides online mobile add-ons for direct access and ease of use.

Jurriaan Piek, General Manager at TSS: “Amidst the current turbulence in the world, we are very pleased to welcome our second company in Spain to TSS. And with Spyro, we also enter the Basque Country, which is one of the most dynamic regions in Spain and has a solid industrial base. Through Spyro, we add new knowledge and best practices to our existing domain knowledge in the manufacturing vertical. Ricardo Gonzalez, founder and Managing Director of Spyro Group, and his team have created a solid suite of products over the last 35 years based on a deep understanding of customers’ needs, and we believe the company is well-positioned to continue growing in Spain. We are delighted to support Spyro on the next phase of the journey as part of TSS.”

Ricardo Gonzalez, founder and Managing Director of Spyro Group: “I am very proud of where we are today. We have a great product that serves over 250 clients in the industry. The ERP lets them manage all their mission-critical processes, whether strategical, production, operational, or support. To continue our vision for our company and clients, we need a large group such as TSS to support us in that phase. It will be exciting as we grow from a team of over 60 people to have more than 3,000 colleagues. And as the second TSS company in Spain, we have the opportunity with Ofimática to grow the foothold in our country.
We are looking forward to this next phase as an independent business unit of TSS.”


Spyro consists of a multidisciplinary team of 65 people and a portfolio of more than 250 customers. The company has spent the last 35 years committed to quality solutions, backed by its customers’ trust. Spyro is headquartered in San Sebastian and has a second branch in Zamudio, Spain. Share: