Total Specific Solutions announced its intention to acquire Simple SA

Dec 11, 2020 Poland
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Warsaw, Poland, 10 December 2020 – Total Specific Solutions ("TSS") today announced its intention to make a cash offer for all the issued share capital of Simple SA at a price of PLN 13.01 per ordinary share.

TSS does not own shares, but has today signed an investment agreement with shareholders representing a majority of the total outstanding shares. TSS intends to acquire 100% of the company through the tender.

Simple SA is a well-established vertical market software platform in Poland, with a position in the public segment, especially within Universities, Hospitals, and Scientific Institutes. In addition, the company has a position in the ERP software space for production, trade, and service enterprises. The company had revenue of PLN 47m in 2019 and has 230 employees. The anticipated acquisition is expected to be completed in Q1 2021. After successful completion, Simple SA will continue to operate as an independent and locally operated entity within the TSS group.

Maciej Ró?ycki
Portfolio Manager
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