Total Specific Solutions has acquired the German software company isp-insoft

Aug 16, 2021 Germany
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Total Specific Solutions further expands its foothold in Germany with the acquisition of isp-insoft, the seventh software company to join the group in this country. It is the first acquisition in the German local government vertical, a sector in which TSS has much experience across Europe. Isp-insoft is the leading specialized solution provider for the calculation and collection of specific fees and levies for German municipalities and local administrations.

KKG is isp-insoft’s core product, whereby local governments can manage, calculate, and collect or reimburse fees and levies for properties and other municipal areas (infrastructure, district and urban redevelopment, water conservation, emissions, and more) from/to citizens and organizations. The software suite includes the complete workflow needed for the planning, calculation, notification, and processing, plus a public relations module to help with the communication needs for public awareness and acceptance. With their new product APM, isp-insoft offers a specific process and project management solution tailor-made for their customers in the public sector and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Jasper Bollen, General Manager at TSS: “KKG covers all functions for a specific, German only, contribution process in cities and municipalities and is a true vertical market solution. Having built long-lasting relationships with the municipalities and administrations, they have a deep knowledge and understanding of their clients’ needs. We are pleased that they have joined TSS. TSS has a lot of expertise in the local government sector across Europe, and now we are strengthening our position in this vertical in Germany.
I thank Mr. Burkhard Wedell and Mr. Achim Lange for building a strong VMS company with a market-leading position and I look forward to helping isp-insoft into the next phase.”

Mr. Burkhard Wedell, former owner and CEO of isp-insoft: ”Your company is like your baby; you feel and carry all the responsibility. Mr. Lange and I are ready to retire, so we were looking for a new owner who could safeguard the future. TSS has the ‘Software for Life’ philosophy. They buy and hold forever, meaning that what we have built over 40 years will continue in the future as a brand and company for our clients and employees. TSS has similar values to ours, such as customer intimacy, focusing on their business needs, and building standard scalable software for a vertical. The current management team, which knows our markets, clients, and products very well, will lead the company under the wing of TSS.


The company was founded in 1981 as a software development and distribution company. The company carries several product lines: APM-Professional and APM-Municipal, process, and project management software for enterprises and the public sector. The flagship product is KGG for the calculation and collection of certain municipal taxes from enterprises and individuals. This solution also contains a GIS graphical processing support tool. And they offer interfaces to connect all solutions within the clients’ ecosystems. The company has its office in Hannover, Germany.

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