Total Specific Solutions enters the UK market with the acquisition of STRATEC Biomedical Ltd, UK

May 06, 2020 United Kingdom
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STRATEC SE, a world-leading partner for fully automated analyzer systems, sells its middleware software solutions division, STRATEC Biomedical Ltd, to Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). TSS enters the UK market with this acquisition and further strengthens its position in the healthcare domain.

STRATEC Biomedical Ltd, known as Data Solutions, has approved middleware software, providing data management for the diagnostic industry. Their solutions optimize and accelerate laboratory efficiencies whilst complying with regulatory requirements. Collaboration is worldwide directly to large-scale end-users, diagnostic companies and instrument manufacturers – as both standard and individually customized versions. Their expertise in highly regulated software development helps to work closely with partners to ensure the solution is compliant and satisfies customer needs.

Jurriaan Piek, General Manager at TSS: “We are excited to welcome our first company in the United Kingdom. And to welcome a solution provider whose software is, especially during these dynamic times, helping on the frontline, processing blood test results in laboratories and blood banks worldwide. STRATEC SE is a market-leading supplier of fully automated analyzer systems. STRATEC Data Solutions also has an excellent relationship with OEM providers working with several of the world’s largest diagnostic companies. TSS has much experience in the healthcare industry and we already have LIMS specific VMS expertise in TECHNIDATA, creating the opportunity for both companies to share their best practices. TSS, as a perpetual owner with independent business units, believes in software for life. I am looking forward to working with Managing Director Rebecca Stead and her team.”

Rebecca Stead, Managing Director at STRATEC Biomedical Ltd.: “It will be exciting to be part of one of Europe’s leading vertical market software groups, TSS. We now have the best of both worlds, having been part of a company providing automated analyzer systems in the diagnostic industry, we are now joining a vertical market software-focused company who believes in the software for life principle. We look forward to collaborating and growing our business within the TSS group, whilst ensuring continuity for the company, our clients, and our employees.”

STRATEC Biomedical Ltd.

STRATEC Biomedical Ltd. is the Data Solutions entity of STRATEC, a world-leading partner for fully automated analyzer systems, software for laboratory data management, and smart consumables. The Aurora brand contains multiple products to meet the laboratory and niche end-user needs with many OEM clients having products based on Aurora platforms. STRATEC Biomedical is located in the UK in Burton upon Trent. Share: