Transaction Updates

  • Total Specific Solutions expands to France with acquisition of Cosoluce Per 2 March 2017, Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) acquires the French software supplier Cosoluce and IT service provider Héliantis. With this acquisition, TSS has entered the French local government sector with a broad range of comprehensible solutions: from general administration to social housing, and from voter registration to Human Resource Management.

    Cosoluce is a software and services organization that provides a solution suite for the local government vertical and has over 6,000 clients in the French market. Their suite offers customer-friendly solutions for finance, Human Resources, administration and general affairs. Héliantis is an IT service provider that offers hosting, cloud and infrastructure solutions to the local government vertical and other non-public organizations

    “We currently have many small and medium sized local government organizations in our client portfolio, and we have the ambition to accelerate our growth within the French marketplace.” says Jean Marc Bayaut, President of Héliantis and Cosoluce. “Following the acquisition by TSS, we now have access to the knowledge, experience and best practices in the public sector of TSS and CSI which will help us to realize our ambitions. This will further strengthen our leading position in the market and help us to remain successful in the future.”

    “TSS is looking to expand its foothold in Europe and acquiring a company in the local government vertical is a very logical step forward for us.” According to Han Knooren, General Manager at TSS. “Just as we have increased our own effectiveness through the application of our worldwide CSI best practices, we can now support Cosoluce and Héliantis to continue their growth within the French marketplace. We are very pleased and proud that Jean Marc Bayaut and his employees have joined us and welcome them to our company. Together we can work on our joint development plans for internal and external growth.”


    Cosoluce is a pure player in the VMS market dedicated to the local government sector in particular for the small local authorities. Founded in 2002, it has its headquarters in Pau, France. Cosoluce offers a solution suite for the full range of processes at the small and medium French authorities. Cosoluce serves more than 6.000 local authorities in the French territories. For more information, please visit the website:

    Héliantis is an IT service provider with its head office located in Pau, France and was founded in 1993. Héliantis provides hosting, cloud, and internet services to a wide range of clients and has a specialized subsidiary for local authorities. Héliantis puts all its skills at the service of the information systems of its customers and those of Cosoluce. For more information, please visit the website:
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  • Total Specific Solutions acquires NPQ Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”), part of the Canadian Constellation Software Inc. (“CSI”), has acquired NPQ Nederland B.V., the supplier of the Prequest suite which is a Facility Management Information System (FMIS). Their other product, FM Insight is not part of the transaction and will continue independently under its own name. NPQ will function as an autonomous business unit within TSS.

    The FMIS “Prequest” is a modular standard software suite that is flexible, intuitive and user-friendly and has a differentiated service concept per sector. NPQ develops and supplies its FMIS for the Netherlands and Belgium and has a diverse and appealing list of clients. They focus on the (local) government, educational, (health)care, non-profit sectors as well as corporations. These are some of the same sectors in which TSS is already active, thereby expanding the service offering to existing customers.

    “We are very pleased to have NPQ join TSS,” says Martijn Aardema, Business Unit Director at TSS. “Their values, being result-driven and customer centricity, are the same as ours. The Prequest suite is complementary to ours and with this acquisition we can broaden our services to our clients. Our experience in building enduring software companies will help NPQ to strengthen its position in the market not just for tomorrow but for years to come as well. I will support the new Managing Director Take de Beer in his new role. The current NPQ Director Jack Heesterbeek will stay on as advisor.”

    About NPQ

    NPQ enables professionals responsible for the realization and management of buildings, technical infrastructure or facility services to achieve better returns from projects and work processes, by helping employees receive maximum support from their working environment. Prequest is a standard software suite for service and housing processes using workflows to help clients efficiently manage their facility and service processes. NPQ was founded in 1990 and is located in Bunnik, the Netherlands. For more information please visit the website: and
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  • Magenta MMT and Niveo join Total Specific Solutions Per 1 December 2016, Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) acquires software supplier Magenta MMT and its subsidiary Niveo. Magenta and Niveo serve a broad range of customers; Magenta focuses on safety regions and Niveo on healthcare organizations. Both companies will continue to serve their clients from the office in Enschede.

    This acquisition enables TSS to offer complementary solutions to its customer base. Magenta and Niveo operate in vertical markets that are adjacent to the markets that TSS serves. Magenta supports a large number of safety and rescue services regions in the Netherlands and Belgium with its overall suite SafetyPassport and ZoneForce. SafetyPassport is a comprehensive solution for registering personal data, (professional) proficiency management, compensations, and emergency responses. The Niveo suite is used within healthcare (cure and care) to manage the organization of competencies and safety; the employee and client take a central role.

    Jurriaan Piek, Managing Director at Total Specific Solutions: “A safety region covers the entire territory of several municipalities. The participating local authorities manage the collaboration. We are in contact with all the municipalities. With the acquisition of Magenta by TSS we can now meet the software requirements of the regions so that they can fulfill their responsibilities. The software suite of Niveo can also be of great value to our customers in healthcare. With our ever expanding portfolio of software solutions, we can meet our clients’ entire range of needs.”

    Marc Essink, Managing Director at Magenta: “From the first initial talks with TSS, it was evident to us that we share much of the same values. Innovation, quality and customer satisfaction are important to both TSS as well as Magenta. And the experience and opportunities that TSS offers enable us to safeguard these values for the future. We foresee incredible developments for our customers in the Netherlands and Belgium through the great combination of autonomy and collaboration with the TSS companies. Together with our entire team we look forward to this future.”

    Magenta MMT and Niveo

    Magenta MMT was founded in April 1995 and has since delivered high-end systems for the overall organization for management and improvement of (professional) proficiency of individual employees and the organization as a whole. The Magenta suite offers proficiency management, E-learning and course administration. Niveo, the Dutch Institute for Proficiency, Education & Development, offers a software suite to improve and secure the competence of employees in the Netherlands. With Niveo’s help, employers can see at a glance which training, exercises, certificates and competencies their employees hold.

    Total Specific Solutions (TSS)

    Total Specific Solutions is the leading provider of IT business solutions and consists of independent business units that deliver products and services to their specific vertical market segment. This market expertise is based on decades of experience. In particular, TSS is active in the verticals healthcare, local and central government, retail, financial and legal services, and real estate. TSS is part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) who is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange.
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