Transaction Updates

  • ProImpact joins NCCW Almere, 15 September 2016 - As of today, ProImpact, the specialist for online services for the housing association market, joins NCCW the software company specialized in the real estate sector.

    Wibo Pollmann, Managing Director of NCCW: “With the acquisition of NCCW by Total Specific Solutions (TSS) we have indicated that we want to grow substantially in the real estate market. This is the first step in that direction. Online services are vital for our customers, and the front-end of the application has an increasing impact on our users. ProImpact is a specialist in both those areas. Together with ProImpact, we have already had many successful implementations in this field. We are pleased that ProImpact now joins us.”

    Lambert Blikman, Director of ProImpact: “During the past years, ProImpact has further developed its online service offering. It is our mission to make housing associations (more) efficient. We achieve this by making the tenants and the corporation employees self-reliant online. Digital processes coupled to responsive web portals enable us to take the service standard of housing associations to the next level, 24/7 and device independent. Together with NCCW and TSS, ProImpact will further strengthen its position in the housing association market.”

    Investment power and expertise

    ProImpact will serve its customers, who use solutions by NCCW as well as other suppliers, as an independent business unit. ProImpact is part of TSS through the acquisition by NCCW and thereby benefits from the financial investment power and expertise of the mother company. A decentral model is in place safeguarding the continuation of the existing identity and strength of ProImpact. Like NCCW, the strategy of ProImpact is focused on growth.


    NCCW is a supplier of IT solutions for the real estate market. Over half of all the Dutch housing associations use one or more of the NCCW software products. NCCW focuses on innovating the chain processes enabling the corporation, its clients, and suppliers to work together efficiently and have a high level of customer satisfaction. NCCW achieves this with its three product lines: Property Management, XBIS and Corporation Cloud. In July 2016 NCCW became part of TSS. Together with TSS, NCCW actively explores the opportunities for further growth in the real estate market.


    ProImpact is a specialist for online services in the housing association market. Their approach is aimed at realizing e-corporations and supporting projects from A to Z; from strategy to operation. The (standard) ProImpact suite creates transparency in the interaction between housing association and (potential) tenants and thereby making both tenant and corporation employee more self-reliant.
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  • HI-Systems acquires ViPharma from VCD Oosterhout/Groningen, 2 September 2016 - HI-Systems, part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS), has with immediate effect acquired ViPharma. ViPharma is a daughter company of the VCD-IT Group and consists of all medication management activities. The acquisition ensures the continuity of ViPharma for its customers and creates new opportunities and innovations for patient safety and medication management.

    Best of breed’ solution

    The market is increasingly being dominated by generic solutions that comprehend all processes within the domain of care institutions (‘best of suite’). Through the acquisition of ViPharma, HI Systems offers the only ‘best of breed’ alternative for the upcoming integral EPD solutions.

    The acquisition is aimed to safeguard the medication safety of ViPharma clients and to increase the market position of HI Systems.

    About ViPharma

    With the acquisition of Vipharma, HI Systems will add all employees, products, customers and activities to its Business Unit. ViPharma will remain based at a location in the North of the Netherlands. ViPharma services the same market segment with a similar product portfolio as HI Systems. The (care) processes for medication provision in hospitals and mental care institutions will be completely automated. An information system for hospital pharmacies, a prescription system for medical specialists and administration register for the nursing staff, means that each phase in the pharmaceutical care cycle is supported in a closed loop.
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  • Kred’it and PinkRoccade Local Government join forces PinkRoccade Local Government, part of Total Specific Solutions (TSS), has taken over the shares of Kred’it B.V. from the Director and sole shareholder Jesse Rasmussen per 1 July 2016. Kred’it is a supplier of software for debt assistance for municipalities and other public organizations. Kred’it will continue to function as an independent part of PinkRoccade Local Government and collaborate with them to offer new functionality to existing and new customers.

    A strong combination

    The activities of Kred’it and PinkRoccade Local Government are entirely complementary. By joining forces Kred’it will get the necessary scale and strength to continue to innovate and invest in their products to support debt assistance. PinkRoccade Local Government expands its software and services portfolio for the social domain. Next to the decentralizations with the social domain, helping households with debt problems is an increasingly important part of the services of municipalities and public organizations. Recent national studies and cabinet decisions confirm this importance.

    About Kred’it

    Kred’it, located in Eindhoven, is a specialist in software for debt assistance. Kred’it knows the debt assistance sector and its specific needs through and through based on many years of experience. Kred’it has three software products that each support a process within the debt assistance sector. Kred’it also offers support services for the industry.

    About PinkRoccade Local Government

    The environment in which the local governments are active has changed significantly over the past 30 years. Digitization, self-service and the citizen as a client have had far-reaching consequences for the business operations and services of municipalities and local governments. PinkRoccade Local Government offers suitable solutions for various policies. For over 30 years, PinkRoccade Local Government has developed future-proof business solutions that are successfully used by more than half of the Dutch municipalities.
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