TSS Academy

The future belongs to the curious; we never stop learning and growing. At TSS, knowledge sharing is part of our DNA. For us, it is important to invest in the development of our employees’ personal and business skills. Under the flag of TSS Academy, we offer several leadership and professional development programs: from new entries to growing to next-level management positions and programs for specific target audiences. Here are some examples:

  • Leadership Development – Best Practice Days, Leadership Summits, and other management development programs
  • Professional Programs –Take Off Event, Finance Academies.
  • All-round – Diversity programs, domain, local or international initiatives

Networking is an integral part of all knowledge-sharing programs. We have companies in different countries and verticals, and nothing beats a one-on-one exchange between colleagues. We encourage people to talk directly to colleagues from other companies to share insights. The software companies that join us go from a stand-alone status to being an independent entity within the group and now have access to all our combined knowledge and best practices.

We grow our companies by building your competencies and expanding your insights, so stay curious!