TSS Public Leadership Summit 2023, Paris - The 5th chair

Oct 17, 2023
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On the 21st of September, almost 500 TSS leaders from 16 different countries gathered in Paris at the Meridien L'Etoile Hotel for the TSS Public Leadership Summit 2023. The theme of this Summit was 'Day 1'.

During my introduction presentation, I talked about the kitchen in the house where I grew up in Limburg in the South of The Netherlands, in a little village called Jabeek. My father, Leo, was a great professional craftsman responsible for painting and decorating his customers' houses and living rooms. During the day, he worked on-site, and during the evening, he discussed proposals for new projects with his customers or prospects. When people wanted to meet my father, they usually had to come to our house during dinner because that was often the only time he was home. My mother, Mientje, disliked that because she wanted a nice, quiet dinner with her family. My father then responded to her: "Customers are the beginning and the end. They are the reasons we have food on the table."

For my father's painting company, each day was Day 1. He did not have recurring revenue, and on the 1st of January, he could not send out maintenance bills to his customer base. Creating and maintaining customer intimacy and delivering operational excellence were the axes of his existence.

When I visit my parents in the South of Holland, my father often asks me how the business at TSS is going. My father does not talk about IRR and doesn't really understand what ONRG and EBITA mean. But he understands one thing very well: the importance of happy customers.

Both our TSS groups are growing, and both organizations have strong ambitions for the future. In Paris, I told our leadership colleagues I recall many lessons I learned at universities and training courses throughout my international career. But the most important impact on my professional life still comes from my father, Leo, who taught me to respect customers and to keep them happy. Customers should be the beginning and the end of everything we do at TSS.

During the Summit, we had an interesting panel of four customer executives professionally led by our colleague Femke van der Gouw.

These 4 key customers joined us on stage:
Floor van Dijk (Member of the Executive Board Arkin - Top2 customer PinkRoccade Mental Care)
Anthony Peréz (CEO Groupe Alsei - customer Salvia, Paris)
André Louwen (CEO Eerstelijnszorg Zoetermeer - customer PharmaPartners)
José Milano (CEO Omnes Education - customer Alcuin, Angers)

This led to a very informative panel conversation. We had chosen 4 TSS customers from different countries, BUs, and verticals or sub-verticals to give balanced insights. The panel outlined the crucial points as to why they continue to choose TSS companies, and they were also critical in pointing out which needs we should fulfill (e.g., innovation, deliverables, and open communication) to remain collaboration partners.

Also, for the first time in our Academy history, we had a General Practitioner customer lead a breakout session on setting up user boards/associations. As a very valuable addition to the program this year, several international CSI colleagues and TDC board members were able to share new and interesting best practices with our participants.

At TSS, we are ambitious people with equal growth objectives. That's great because it will bring many ambitious TSS colleagues new career opportunities. It will also attract new VMS companies that want a healthy and prosperous future and care about customers to join TSS. But that is not enough. I want my group to reach its growth ambition and be a customer-centered company with low attrition and happy perpetual clients. Because like my father Leo always said: 'Customers are the beginning, and customers are the end of everything we do.'

Because every day is Day 1 at TSS Public.

Han Knooren
Group CEO TSS Public

Below, you can find an Impression of the TSS Public Leadership Summit 2023