2022: The Year in Review

Jan 10, 2023
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2022 was a record year for Total Specific Solutions ("TSS") in terms of the number of acquisitions. We completed 28 acquisitions, entered new countries like Portugal and Serbia, completed the refinancing of our revolving credit facility of EUR 550m and organized various learning events across Europe. In 2022, TSS also marked its 100th acquisition since joining Constellation Software Inc. in 2014.

Learning events

Events and Summits are one of the means to bring people together and share insights. Take, for example, the TSS Summit in Malaga; our new companies meet colleagues from different countries and verticals, experience the open character of TSS, and the overall willingness to share knowledge and help each other.
Another event in 2022 was the TSS M&A training in Warsaw where dozens of TSS investment professionals from across Europe joined for the multi-day event organized by our colleagues from Sygnity S.A. and TSS. We had experienced TSS colleagues, members of the leadership team and colleagues from Constellation Software Inc. present keynote & break-out presentations.


We are very excited that we have 28 new software companies from 13 countries joining TSS over the past year in Europe. We strengthened our positions in the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Italy, and Germany. Plus, we acquired our second business in Poland, where Sygnity joined us. Sygnity SA is one of Poland's largest software companies, with 900 employees. It was founded more than 30 years ago and has since successfully evolved into a mission-critical system supplier to Public and Private verticals. Sygnity has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange for more than 26 years. TSS acquired a controlling stake in the company in Q2 2022, while a significant minority remains publicly traded. In the future, Sygnity will be the main platform for further organic and M&A-driven expansion in the region under its own banner.


During the summer of 2022, we acquired our first three businesses in Portugal: Algardata, Edubox, and Lusoinfo. Edubox and Lusoinfo have a strong position in the education and (local) government software market. Algardata is a leading software provider of dedicated business solutions and services to multiple verticals such as hospitality, retail, logistics, and agriculture. The acquisition of these businesses has given us a solid foundation to continue our journey in Portugal, as more than 130 people have joined the TSS family through these acquisitions. 2022 Acquistions
  • Belgium Belgium
    • Netika Real estate
  • Denmark Denmark
    • Helios Automotive
  • France France
    • Adapt Informatique Real estate
    • SCEPIA Real estate
    • Ubika Software product company
  • Germany Germany
    • TTE Software product company
    • Dresden Informatik Software product company
    • g,on experience Software product company
    • VDV Finance
  • Italy Italy
    • Gesinf Central government
  • Netherlands Netherlands
    • TANS Mobility
    • Spraaklab Software product company
    • Pantheon Automatisering Software product company
    • Convenient/Intramed Healthcare
    • OSL Europe/Styleman Retail
    • ALFA PRO Agriculture
  • Poland Poland
    • Sygnity Software product company
  • Portugal Portugal
    • Algardata Software product company
    • Edubox Education
    • Lusoinfo Education
  • Serbia Serbia
    • Webcentric/Pric2Pay Software product company
  • Spain Spain
    • EIT Manufacturing
  • Sweden Sweden
    • Electra Smart AB Retail
    • Risk Spectrum Software product company
  • Switzerland Switzerland
    • scope solutions AG Libraries & Archives
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
    • Passfield Agriculture
    • WAER Systems Software product company
    • Sicon Software product company
Becoming part of TSS

TSS operates a decentralized business model, meaning that the different companies retain a high level of business autonomy while benefitting from certain centralized services and expertise, such as finance and M&A. Our 'Software for Life' philosophy entails that we support the management of the businesses through best practices allowing them to ensure the relevance of their software solutions for their end markets. Our best practices assist them in developing and improving their software continuously, implementing the necessary changes to comply with the new market or legislative requirements, and ensuring that the needed technological advancements are based on customer-driven needs. Furthermore, within TSS, we are focused extensively on talent development and organizational improvement. We aim to provide all our employees with a challenging working environment and ample career opportunities for our highly skilled specialists.

TSS is continuously seeking new opportunities to add value to our existing vertical markets and geographies and is equally excited to explore new verticals and geographies when great opportunities present themselves. We work with high levels of confidentiality and discretion.

For further information, please contact the M&A team active in your geography via our acquisitions page.