Irish software company Mobil Information Systems Limited joins Total Specific Solutions

Apr 06, 2023 Ireland
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Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) has acquired Mobil Information Systems Limited (“MIS”), a fleet management and asset tracking software provider. This is TSS’s second Irish software company and the 7th acquisition in the UK/Ireland region.

MIS’s fleet management software, enables customers to receive real-time updates and access a constant view of the movement and the use of their fleets. At the core of the platform is the capability to easily determine the current location of an asset using either a computer or handheld device. The fleet management software is designed for any size business across most industries that rely on cars, trucks, vans or other moveable assets like skips or containers. Managing a fleet requires companies to monitor events like maintenance, routes, locations, budgets, drivers and safety. MIS brings their product to market directly in Ireland and the UK but also has a set of dedicated partners in South Africa, Middle Americas and USA.

Martijn Aardema, General Manager at TSS: “We are pleased to welcome MIS to TSS. This is our first mobility/tracking solution company in the Ireland/UK region, and we are building a wide foundation of software companies in this region. MIS gives companies insights into the current whereabouts of company vehicles and equipment at any given time. It gives companies the ability to compile data quickly and thoroughly, from generating reports to uploading statistics.
I look forward to assisting Greg Davidson and the team, with Portfolio Manager Arjen de Wit, to help them develop a new phase as an independent business unit of TSS.”

Greg Davidson, Shareholder and former Managing Director: “We were looking for a new owner for MIS as one of the shareholders, Kevin Milford, wanted to retire. We are proud of the company we have built and were looking for a way to continue our journey for the employees our clients, our partners, and the brand. So, when TSS approached us with their ‘perpetual ownership’ approach, we were very interested. Being part of a large international software company gives us the leverage to take our company to the next level. It will be interesting to have around 6,000 colleagues all active in the software industry. We look forward to gaining new insights on running software companies and to sharing our vertical expertise in the group in addition to becoming an independent business unit of TSS and working alongside Arjen de Wit and Martijn Aardema. We would like to also thank the Benchmark International team for their support during the process.”

Mobil Information Systems (“MIS”)

MIS is an Irish company and has a 20-year track record delivering in-vehicle telematic solutions to a wide variety of companies in Ireland and partners in South
Africa, Mexico and the USA. MIS develops software products that enable our clients to better manage their fleet assets across a diverse range of industries. The founding directors are still with the business today. MIS is operating from their HQ in Swords, Ireland, with a separate office in Cardiff, Wales.

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