2023: The Year in Review

Feb 05, 2024
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Total Specific Solutions completed 16 acquisitions in 2023, entered into new countries like Ireland and Bulgaria and organized various learning events across Europe. It was also the year that we closed our first combined acquisition with Topicus, that of Five Degrees, an internationally oriented banking software company from a group of venture capital and growth investors. We entered the insurance industry in France through our acquisition of Prima Solutions, plus a brand-new vertical in Spain, communications, with the acquisition of Aviva. Here are some other highlights.

Learning events

Knowledge travels through people. So, at TSS we have many events where we bring people together and share insights and best practices. Both our CEOs organized an international Summit for their leaders, Han Knooren’s group in Paris and Ramon Zanders’ group in Warsaw. And there were also many national TSS Leadership Summits. Plus, for all investment professionals in TSS, there was a two-day M&A training in Warsaw. We had the privilege to welcome over 130 people from more than 20 countries to discuss topics in the area of M&A process management, deal origination, and many other topics relatable to the day-to-day life of our investment team. Best and worst practices are shared during these events and presented by people across the TSS organization but also from the broader Constellation Software group.
People from many nationalities, with different cultural backgrounds and personalities work at TSS. To understand each other better, multiple sessions are organized on diversity and inclusion like the session held in November about neurodiversity, a fascinating subject. Some people are wired differently and thus think differently, and we had an enlightening session on how can we create a safe work environment for neurodivergent and neurotypical people to work in.


We entered the Irish market at the beginning of 2023 with the acquisition of Irish Medical Systems (Holdings) Ltd, which is known in the Irish and UK market as IMS MAXIMS. This is TSS’s first acquisition in Ireland and the 6th in the UK/Ireland region. IMS MAXIMS offers healthcare solutions to public and private healthcare sectors throughout the UK and Ireland. The primary focus is the acute hospital sector, but IMS MAXIMS also works, for example, for community care and mental health. The solution’s platform is designed to ensure that it will deliver immediate benefits to each healthcare organization. Thus, it has a modern Patient Administration System/Electronic Patient Record that is open, integrated, scalable, and modular. That month we also had the Irish company Mobil Information Systems, Mobil-i, a software company specializing in fleet management solutions, join TSS.


2023 was also the year that we acquired our first Bulgarian company. AS System is a software provider with an ERP for medium and large Bulgarian manufacturing and trading companies and a healthcare ERP for stand-alone pharmacies and pharmacy associations. AS Systems has been around for 30 years, and the company is a good fit with TSS as it focuses on specific client verticals and closely collaborates with its customers. For healthcare AS Systems has modern software solutions suitable both for a single pharmacy and pharmaceutical groups/chains, helping them manage and optimize their business processes as well as automating their supplier and customer-related processes. And the company has a modular ERP solution with all the main modules for managing business processes in a manufacturing or trading company.


After Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, we had the first Norwegian company join TSS at the end of 2023. Hi Tech Mobility AS, also known as Hi!, provides mobility solutions for parking management, tolling and ferries. Their solution is called Sesam and handles vehicle identification, payments, and analytics all in one easy-to-use system. Hi! enables end-users to drive in, park, and drive out without interacting with barriers, ticket booths, or payment systems and never need to fear a parking fine. Hi! offers its own payment app and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of alternative payment solutions, such as third-party apps, automatic invoicing, online payments, or kiosks. 2023 Acquistions
  • France France
    • Prima Solutions Financial Services
    • DEAL Multi vertical
  • Netherlands Netherlands
    • Advisor Solutions Agriculture
    • Copernicus Product Software Company / Healthcare
    • tritonX Retail
    • Paralax Central/local government / Healthcare
  • Ireland Ireland
    • IMS MAXIMS Healthcare
    • Mobil-i Fleet management
  • Iceland Iceland
    • Five Degrees Financial Services
  • Spain Spain
    • Alvic Energy
    • Codisys Hospitality
    • Aviva Voice Communication & doc signing
  • Bulgaria Bulgaria
    • AS Systems Manufacturing / Trading / Healthcare
  • Italy Italy
    • Delta Informatica Healthcare
    • System Services Manufacturing
  • Norway Norway
    • Hi Tech Mobility Mobility
Becoming part of TSS

TSS operates a decentralized business model, meaning that the different companies retain a high level of business autonomy while benefitting from certain centralized services and expertise, such as finance and M&A. Our 'Software for Life' philosophy entails that we support the management of the businesses through best practices allowing them to ensure the relevance of their software solutions for their end markets. Our best practices assist them in developing and improving their software continuously, implementing the necessary changes to comply with the new market or legislative requirements, and ensuring that the needed technological advancements are based on customer-driven needs. Furthermore, within TSS, we are focused extensively on talent development and organizational improvement. We aim to provide all our employees with a challenging working environment and ample career opportunities for our highly skilled specialists.

TSS is continuously seeking new opportunities to add value to our existing vertical markets and geographies and is equally excited to explore new verticals and geographies when great opportunities present themselves. We work with high levels of confidentiality and discretion.

For further information, please contact the M&A team active in your geography via our acquisitions page.