The Belgian software company B. Rekencentra NV joins Total Specific Solutions

Apr 24, 2024 Belgium
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B. Rekencentra NV ("B. Rekencentra"), a provider of mission-critical software, has joined Total Specific Solutions ("TSS") in Belgium. This is TSS's third acquisition in Belgium, following Dynamic Software and Solare it (NETiKA Real Estate), and it is the first software company in Belgium focusing specifically on logistics using different transport modes.

B. Rekencentra's main areas of expertise are in airfreight and multimodal container terminals, and it offers organizational software solutions to optimize logistical and often complex processes. For the airline industry, B. Rekencentra has SABLE, which is a solution that helps airlines optimize load distribution while respecting structural and operational limitations for both cargo and passenger aircraft. ROLS provides instructions for loading and unloading aircrafts through a mobile app. Its main task is to avoid loading errors. Ar-Com is a fully open and customizable ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) messaging system. And for logistic companies dealing with trucks, rail, and/or barges, their solution Interman provides an integrated terminal operating system.

Abdelmoula Salah, General Manager at TSS: "We are very pleased to welcome a new company in Belgium. B. Rekencentra is a leading VMS player with dedicated solutions for various logistics domains. It caters to an international audience, as cargo goes beyond national borders. They have an impressive list of clients, including companies that are household names. I am eager to learn more about this specific area of the logistics vertical and to guide B. Rekencentra in the coming and perpetual leg of its journey as an independent business unit of TSS.

I look forward to working with the managing director, Karel Tavernier, and his dedicated team and sharing our best practices to support them in the next phase of the company.”

Karel Tavernier, Managing Director at B. Rekencentra: "We began in 1983 and have built a valued company over time. We stay close to our customers, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years. At B. Rekencentra, we can support complex organizations by providing dedicated software solutions to optimize their business processes. IT should give clients ease of use and added value. We are ready as a company to take the next step in our journey. In TSS, we found a perpetual owner with the buy-and-hold forever principle. We feel this will be the right foundation on which to build our future. We will be an independent business unit of TSS while continuing to carry the brand we started over 40 years ago. It is always inspiring to get access to new knowledge and best practices and feel the energy of being part of a large software group.

I am excited to solidify B. Rekencentra's future and to work closely with Abdelmoula and his team as we continue our journey.”

B. Rekencentra NV
B. Rekencentra was founded in 1983 and is owned by the Tavernier family. It offers mission- (and safety) critical solutions for the airfreight industry and container terminals, from standard dedicated vertical products to custom-built software solutions. These software systems help customers efficiently deal with the daily challenges encountered in their specific activity domain. The company creates its solutions in close collaboration with its customers, some of whom have been clients for more than 20 years. B. Rekencentra is based in Ranst (Belgium).

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