Korton Software joins Total Specific Solutions

Apr 01, 2019 Netherlands
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Total Specific Solutions has taken its first steps into the mobility and personal transport vertical with the acquisition of Korton Software BV, a supplier of software solutions for mobility of specific target groups. With the acquisition, TSS strengthens its portfolio of software solutions for municipalities who are responsible for taking care of the transportation needs of special target groups.

The software suite of Korton Software focusses on the transportation companies, transport coordinators, local governments, and health insurers. Korton Regie takes care of all aspects of arranging transportation, from registration to invoicing. Korton WinTax is a software solution for taxi fares and gives the planners direct access to all the needed information. Korton ‘Personeelsplanner’ (Staff planner) ensure that you can realize the planning of your staff for a longer period, even in companies with many part-timers and different shift patterns. The solution is also used in the leisure and hospitality vertical.

Patrice van Geffen, General Manager at TSS: “Korton Software, just like TSS, aims to make their clients successful. That is one reason their mobility solution is a good fit with TSS. Every month millions of fares are processed through the solutions of Korton Software, making them a leading player in the Dutch mobility vertical. We can learn a lot from them, and it offers us the opportunity to expand our knowledge of different domains. And it gives us the chance to extend our offering at existing customer groups, municipalities, and health insurers. This also applies to those local governments that take care of WMO (Social Support Act) and student transportation of their citizens. Korton Software will operate as an independent business unit within TSS with Kevin Philippen as its Managing Director.”

Peter Altevogt, CEO of the Korton Group: “In over 22 years, the Korton Group has evolved into one of the leading players in two different areas: provider of mobility solutions and the provider of Managed Cloud Services. The time has come for the Korton Group to divide so that the software, as well as the IT cloud company, can get the full focus for the next phase. For the software solutions, we have found a company in TSS with the same core values. And its ‘Software for Life’ philosophy fits the next phase for Korton Software. The future for our clients and employees of Korton Software is guaranteed through this next step and the focus on the long term. As CEO of the Korton Group, I will focus on the further growth of the Managed Cloud Services. Let’s go beyond!”

Korton Software
Korton Software was founded in 1997 and is a supplier of a specialized software suite for mobility and personal transport. The software connects the passenger, transporter, planner, and the client. Korton ‘Personeelsplanner’ (Staff planner) is used in the mobility sector as well as the leisure and hospitality market for the efficiency of registration and the communication of staff schedules and work times.
The primary product, Korton Regie, is an end-to-end software suite developed for the transportation of specific target groups. korton.nl Share: