Acquisitions Overview 2021

Feb 08, 2022
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2021 was an interesting year for Total Specific Solutions (TSS) on many levels. The completion of together with the spin-off from Constellation and becoming a publicly listed company by itself, entering new countries like Switzerland and Poland, and creating a worldwide presence in the geoscience technology vertical with the joint acquisition of GeoSoftware by TSS and Vela (Vela is one of the other operating groups of Constellation Software).

International growth

We are very excited that we have 10 new software companies from 8 different countries joining TSS over the past year in Europe. We strengthened our positions in the Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Italy, and Germany. Plus, we are now active in two new European territories: Switzerland with the acquisition of Datamed, Poland, where Simple SA joined us.

Additionally, we completed the joint acquisition of GeoSoftware by TSS and Vela in the geoscience technology vertical. GeoSoftware has its headquarters in Texas, the USA, and offices in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, China, and APAC.

Throughout 2021, we had different types of lockdowns and travel restrictions across Europe. Yet despite these conditions, many Vertical Market Software (“VMS”) companies joined the TSS family and chose TSS as their permanent home. We are proud of this. Our dedication and acquisition strategy made it possible to deliver a high deal certainty and continue the dialogue with VMS companies. In addition, sharing of best practices and knowledge is part of our DNA; it strengthens our autonomously operated VMS companies and makes them feel part of the group.

TSS started 2022 with two acquisitions, SpraakLab in the Netherlands and NETiKA Real Estate Solutions in Belgium. We look forward to continuing our international growth ambitions in 2022. 2021 Acquisitions
  • Belgium Belgium
    • NETiKA Real Estate Real estate
  • Denmark Denmark
    • Schilling Publishing
  • Finland Finland
    • Prime Local Government
  • Germany Germany
    • isp-insoft Local Government
  • Italy Italy
    • AP Systems Manufacturing
    • NEXTIP Software Product Company
  • Netherlands Netherlands
    • Topicus New Operating Group
    • SpraakLab Software Product Company
  • Poland Poland
    • Simple SA Education / Healthcare
  • Spain Spain
    • Baratz Library Software
    • M.SOFT Worldwide Logistics
  • Switzerland Switzerland
    • Datamed Healthcare
    • GeoSoftware Geoscience
  • Acquisition Date October 1, 2021
  • Vertical market Geoscience
  • Location HQ USA, offices worldwide

With the acquisition of GeoSoftware, we entered the geoscience technology vertical in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Russia, China, and APAC. Founded in 2014, GeoSoftware has its headquarters in Texas, USA and provides advanced geoscience software solutions for oil & gas companies. The product range includes five key products with over 80 modules that service the entire exploration/development/production lifecycle.

The Geosoftware business will be owned jointly by TSS and Vela, with TSS owning 60% and Vela 40%. The transaction provided long-term continuity for the customers and employees of GeoSoftware. GeoSoftware used to be part of CGG Group, a geophysical services company.

Simple SA
  • Acquisition Date March 1, 2021
  • Vertical market Education, Healthcare
  • Location Poland

Simple SA is a well-established vertical market software platform in Poland, with a position in the public segment, especially within Universities, Hospitals, and Scientific Institutions. In addition, Simple has a position in the ERP software space for production, trade, and service enterprises.

In March 2021, TSS acquired 85% shares of Simple SA in the public market bid. In January 2022, TSS bough out remaining shareholders and is now aiming to delist the company from the Warsaw Stock Exchange and run it privately as the sole shareholder.

Rafał Wnorowski, Managing Director of Simple: "We are looking forward to being part of a large software group that places emphasis on customers and results, basically on doing the right things right. Knowledge sharing through best practices and many types of internal programs is something you only can achieve in a large group with the right mindset."

Becoming part of TSS

TSS operates a decentralized business model, meaning that the different companies retain a high level of business autonomy while benefitting from certain centralized services and expertise, such as finance and M&A. Our 'Software for Life' philosophy entails that we support the management of the businesses through best practices allowing them to ensure the relevance of their software solutions for their end markets. Our best practices assist them in developing and improving their software continuously, implementing the necessary changes to comply with the new market or legislative requirements, and ensuring that the needed technological advancements are based on customer-driven needs. Furthermore, within TSS, we are focused extensively on talent development and organizational improvement. We aim to provide all our employees with a challenging working environment and ample career opportunities for our highly skilled specialists.

TSS is continuously seeking new opportunities to add value to our existing vertical markets and geographies and is equally excited to explore new verticals and geographies when great opportunities present themselves. We work with high levels of confidentiality and discretion.

For further information, please contact the M&A team active in your geography via our acquisitions page.