Transaction Updates

  • Windex Bedrijfssoftware B.V. joins Total Specific Solutions Windex Bedrijfssoftware B.V. (“Windex”) has joined Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). Windex, formerly known as Windex Software B.V., is a software company with an end-to-end solution for professional and trade associations.

    The Windex solution consists of CRM, ERP, DMS and CMS functionality specifically for umbrella organizations such as trade, professional and employer associations. The company services approximately 25 customers from smaller to large and renowned associations. Through this addition, TSS now offers a solution suite to serve this new vertical, which is closely related to other verticals in which TSS is already active.

    Martijn Aardema, Managing Director at TSS overseeing multiple business units: “Windex is an example of a software company that can benefit greatly from the best practices and scope we have at TSS. The company offers a focused end-to-end solution for a specific vertical, which fits our strategy. Windex originated from a collaboration between different associations, and since its inception, Windex management has built a strong brand; as such we feel that Windex is a company with potential. Lacking size made the company vulnerable, yet we are fully confident that through our insights and best practices we can turn Windex into an enduring business unit within TSS. Mark Schmeits will continue to lead Windex as director.”

    About Windex
    Windex Bedrijfssoftware B.V. is the successor of Windex Software B.V. The company was founded in 1995 and came about through a collaboration between several associations. It focuses primarily on employer associations and associations for independent professionals, but its end-to-end solution fits the need of all types of umbrella organizations.
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  • DS of CreAim joins Total Specific Solutions DS (“DS”), Digital Services, part of the Dutch company CreAim, specialized in software solutions for authentication and authorization via the internet joins Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). DS provides solutions for, amongst others, the accountancy vertical and enables authenticated and safe client-accountant interaction, workflow management, filing and digital signing. Through this acquisition, TSS will gain experience in the accountancy vertical. eTD, the digital identity division of CreAim and its product “eHerkenning” are not part of the transaction and will remain with the current owners.

    DS is active in the field of client portal solutions for the accountancy market and enables digital interaction between accountants, auditors, tax advisors and salary administrators, their customers, third party institutions and the authorities. The product suite consisting of several features and solutions is used (white label mostly) by the respective clients of the accountancy firms and authorities, as well as third party software vendors. The solutions reduce the overall work load throughout the accountancy chain and provide a safe, authenticated means to track workflows and issue filing to third party stakeholders (such as chamber of commerce, tax authorities, etc.)

    Ramon Zanders, General Manager at TSS: “DS is a software unit catering to a particular vertical market and is, therefore, a good addition to our software group TSS. The company is at the forefront of identity management, digital signing, authentication and client interaction solutions within its niche. It has an impressive client list of more than 1.200 accounting firms including two of the Big Four and has partnerships with KPN and Wolters Kluwer. Frank Jonker, himself a chartered accountant, founded CreAim DS in 2001, will join TSS as Managing Director. He will report to Robert Heinen, the Managing Director of Van Brug Software and the head of all Business Units in the notary vertical.”

    Frank Jonker, CEO of CreAim DS: “We were looking for an opportunity to guarantee the future of DS and a way to realize our growth ambitions within our vertical. TSS offers us the opportunity to ensure a long-term commitment to our clients and provides a stable foundation for future growth. We are looking forward to learning and applying the TSS / CSI best practices. We also share such values as customer centricity and agility. Furthermore, TSS places high value on people and continuous development of talent, which is vital for the long term continuity of our product portfolio. Their experience, best practices, and scale will be of great benefit to our position in the market.”

    About DS
    DS, Digital Services, is a unit of CreAim and has portal solutions and point solutions for the accountancy vertical and its respective clients and stakeholders. The portals and additional products enable digital filing (SBR) in a safe (i.e., GDPR compliant) and a fully authenticated way. DS operates in the Netherlands and has its headquarters in Zaandam. For more information, visit the website:
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  • TSS enters the Nordic region with the acquisition of Infoflex Data AB The Swedish company Infoflex Data AB, specialized in software solutions for dealerships, repair shops and wholesalers in the automotive industry joins Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). With the acquisition of this vertical market player, TSS enters the Nordic region. TSS's shareholder Constellation Software Inc. (“CSI”) already has ample expertise in the automotive industry in North America and Australia.

    This acquisition provides TSS the possibility to expand further into the Nordic region. Infoflex is an established player in the Swedish market and offers a solution suite to support dealerships, repair shops and wholesalers in optimizing their internal processes and customer communications. Targeted business logic and strong integrations give Infoflex’s customers the tools needed to run their businesses efficiently: planning, online inventory, mobile reminders, tire-storage, and more. The automotive wholesale solution is catered to fit the specific needs of that client segment.

    Ramon Zanders, General Manager at TSS: “Infoflex is a software company that fits our software group. They focus on the vertical and the specific needs of the client segments within their industry. They believe in the added value vertical market software has to offer and are close to their customers. It offers TSS the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge of the automotive industry. The acquisition of Infoflex is also another step in realizing our ambition to expand in Europe geographically. The Nordics are a region with many interesting and outstanding software companies, so we are pleased to realize this the first step.”

    Stefan Larsson, President at Infoflex: “We were looking for a way to take the next step in our growth ambitions, and along came TSS offering us the opportunity to realize these. Their experience and best practices in operating successful software businesses combined with gaining further knowledge of the automotive vertical via the North American CSI companies gives us the opportunity to develop our position in our market further. We are looking forward to the future.”

    About Infoflex
    Infoflex Data is a supplier of business systems focusing on dealerships, repair shops and wholesalers in the automotive industry. Infoflex’s mission is to add value to their customers’ business operations and profitability with effective IT solutions. Infoflex Data operates in Sweden and has its headquarters in central Stockholm and local offices in Lund, Orebro, Bracke, and Lulea. More information on the website:
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