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  • Total Specific Solutions acquires a majority share of Simple SA in Poland Warsaw, 1 March 2021. – Total Specific Solutions (‘TSS’) has successfully acquired the anticipated majority of Simple SA shares in the previously announced tender offer. TSS has now expanded into Poland. Simple SA is a well-established vertical market software platform in Poland, with a position in the public segment, especially within Universities, Hospitals, and Scientific Institutions. In addition, Simple has a position in the ERP software space for production, trade, and service enterprises.

    TSS has acquired 84.13% of issued Simple shares and now controls Simple through the Supervisory Board, where TSS representatives fill 3 of the 5 available positions. Simple SA is currently listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, but TSS ultimately aims to delist the company in the near future. The current management board will continue to run Simple on a daily basis.

    Simple SA is a leading software company in Poland with an extensive product range offering mission-critical solutions for multiple verticals in the market. Originally founded as a horizontal ERP software provider, it has expanded organically and through targeted acquisitions in several public verticals. The company is particularly strong in the Educational space, with many Polish Universities and Scientific Institutes as customers. The solution for the educational sector (Student Information System) focuses on all aspects of student services such as didactics, class planning and recruitment process. In addition, Simple SA has a subsidiary that provides Hospital Information Systems. Their Healthcare Information System (HIS) allows for managing treatment and medical records of patients, including fund settlements with the insurer. As their software range originated as an ERP solution, they service additional markets providing software for HR, finance, production, and budgeting processes.

    Ramon Zanders, Group CEO at Total Specific Solutions: "We are very proud to welcome Simple to TSS. It is our first acquisition in Poland, a country with a well-developed IT sector and a high technology standard. With this acquisition, we strengthen our position in, for example, the educational vertical. This is the fifth company in the education vertical TSS acquired in the recent past and we have a nice spread within the different types of education that our companies cover. Simple is perfectly complementary to ergovia and easySoft in Germany and Ping Pong in Sweden. As a listed company, Simple has been results-driven, which fits our way of doing business. They are also customer-driven, which is a good match with us. I look forward to working with Rafa? and Daniel in becoming an independent business unit of TSS.”

    Rafal Wnorowski, Managing Director of Simple: "We are looking forward to being part of a large software group that places emphasis on customers and results, basically on doing the right things right. This will help us with our next steps as a Company. Having access to all the knowledge of more than 3,000 colleagues will strengthen us as a company. Knowledge sharing through best practices and many types of internal programs is something you only can achieve in a large group with the right mindset. So, we are very happy that we found the right company in TSS for our future."

    Simple SA

    Simple is one of the oldest software companies in Poland with more than 30 years of experience in software development and knowledge and they rank among the leading IT providers. Since its inception, 3,500 companies and institutions have trusted SIMPLE. More than 25,000 users use SIMPLE software to achieve their daily business goals. Simple has an extensive portfolio of innovative IT systems that comprehensively supports management in various industries. The office is in Warsaw, Poland.

    Simple SA

    Name: Rafal Wnorowski
    Managing Director
    Telephone: +48 22 812 58 98 ext. 275

    If you are an owner of a Vertical Market Software company and you would like to know more about joining TSS, please contact:

    Maciej Rozycki
    Portfolio Manager, Poland
    Telephone: +48 696 422 525

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  • Total Specific Solutions enters the Swiss market with the acquisition of Datamed Datamed, a Swiss provider of software solutions for medical analysis, notably for hospitals and private laboratories, has joined Total Specific Solutions ("TSS"). With the acquisition of Datamed, TSS enters the Swiss software market and extends its position in the healthcare vertical in general and in the laboratory industry.

    Datamed offers mission-critical solutions for hospital and private laboratories, covering the main laboratory disciplines, including clinical chemistry, hematology, hemostasis, serology, microbiology, and immunology. In addition, the solutions provided by Datamed encompass many key functionalities such as dictionaries management, instruments interfacing, information entry, results validation and distribution, invoicing, and connected prescriptions. Datamed’s solutions include a laboratory information system ("LIS"), DGLab, and its light version, DGLab Easy, a solution for agribusiness, DGLab Agro, and an outsourcing platform, DGWeb LIS.

    Olivier de Korte, Managing Director at Technidata, a French-based internationally operating company that joined TSS in September 2019: "We are very proud to welcome Datamed to TSS. With this acquisition, we extend our geographical presence to the software market in Switzerland. At TSS, we focus on vertical market software in different European countries. Datamed fits this approach perfectly. In its home market, Datamed’s solutions are highly valued by the medical sector. And we recognize in Datamed a good compatibility with our values and market approach. We now have three reputable solution providers for laboratories within TSS: Technidata in France, Biomedical Data Solutions in the UK, and now Datamed in Switzerland. This gives us the opportunity to exchange best practices and learn from each other. Datamed has a remarkably loyal customer base, with many customers present for over twenty years, which is a considerable asset. I look forward to working closely with Stephan Thommen as he leads Datamed as an independent business unit of TSS."

    Dr. J.René Haag, founder and CEO of Datamed for 30 years: "Since I founded Datamed in 1982, we have always sought to evolve and adapt to remain at the forefront, which is essential for our customers. As is the case for most family businesses, appointing a non-family CEO is a major change. In 2012, we found in Stephan Thommen the CEO who was able to initiate a necessary and successful diversification of our product offering. It was time to make the next move and we were looking for a partner to accompany us for the long term. We appreciate TSS's philosophy of acquiring without ever selling, thus ensuring the continuity of Datamed and the team serving our customers, and through them, the patients."

    Stephan Thommen, Managing Director of Datamed, feels confident about the future: " For the past nine years, our team and I have worked hard to provide our clients with the best support possible to their development and to establish Datamed’s presence in our market. I am glad to start this new phase by joining TSS and by collaborating with the other TSS companies in Europe, notably Technidata in France and Biomedical Data Solutions in the UK

    Datamed is a Swiss software provider active in the field of healthcare and medical analysis laboratories. Datamed’s continuous research and development efforts enable it to meet its customers’ high requirements, which are looking for ever more reliable solutions to accomplish their mission-critical business operations. Datamed has always valued close relationships with its customers and has established long-term, trustworthy affiliations with major hospitals and private laboratories in Switzerland. Datamed's head office is located in Givisiez, in the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.

    If you are an owner of a Vertical Market Software company and you would like to know more about joining TSS, please contact :

    Othman Ghannam
    M&A Manager France
    Telephone: +33 (0)6 47 89 67 20

    -- French press release --

    Total Specific Solutions réalise sa première opération en Suisse avec l’acquisition de Datamed

    Nieuwegein, le 11 Janvier 2021. Datamed, éditeur suisse de logiciels pour laboratoires d’analyses médicales hospitaliers et privés a rejoint Total Specific Solutions (« TSS »). Cette acquisition permet à TSS de pénétrer le marché suisse du logiciel et de renforcer ses positions dans le secteur de la santé et des services aux laboratoires.

    Datamed propose des solutions essentielles au fonctionnement des laboratoires hospitaliers et privés, couvrant les principales typologies d’analyses médicales. Ses solutions sont utilisées, notamment, dans les domaines de la chimie clinique, l’hématologie, l’hémostase, la sérologie transfusionnelle, la microbiologie, ou encore l’immunologie. En outre, les solutions proposées par Datamed intègrent de nombreuses fonctionnalités clés comme la gestion de dictionnaires d’analyses, l’interfaçage avec les instruments d’analyses, la saisie, la validation et la diffusion des résultats, la gestion des factures et la prescription connectée. La gamme des produits proposés par Datamed comprend un système d’information de laboratoire (« LIS »), DGLab, des solutions dérivées telles que DGLab Easy et DGLab Agro ainsi qu’une plateforme de sous-traitance, DGWeb LIS.

    Olivier de Korte, Managing Director de Technidata, société française spécialisée dans l’édition de logiciels pour les laboratoires médicaux publics et privés opérant en Europe, Amérique du Nord et Asie, membre de TSS depuis Septembre 2019 : « Nous sommes très fiers d’accueillir Datamed au sein du groupe TSS. Cette opération nous permet d’étendre notre présence géographique en pénétrant pour la première fois le marché du logiciel en Suisse. Chez TSS, nous concentrons nos efforts sur les marchés verticaux dans différents pays européens. Datamed s’inscrit parfaitement dans cette démarche avec ses solutions logicielles reconnues auprès des acteurs du secteur médical en Suisse. Nous apprécions également les valeurs de Datamed, en adéquation avec les nôtres, et sa vision du marché. Nous avons désormais au sein de TSS trois fournisseurs de solutions réputés pour les laboratoires : Technidata en France, Biomedical Data Solutions au Royaume-Uni et Datamed en Suisse. Cela nous donne l’opportunité de partager nos bonnes pratiques et de nous enrichir mutuellement. Datamed dispose d’une clientèle remarquablement fidèle, avec de nombreux clients présents depuis plus de vingt ans, ce qui est un atout considérable. J’ai hâte de collaborer avec Stephan Thommen qui dirigera Datamed comme une entité indépendante du groupe. »

    Dr J.René Haag, fondateur et dirigeant de Datamed pendant 30 ans : « Depuis que j’ai créé Datamed en 1982, nous avons toujours cherché à évoluer et à nous adapter afin de demeurer à la pointe, ce qui est indispensable pour nos clients. Comme pour toutes les entreprises familiales, le passage de témoin à Stephan Thommen en 2012 a constitué un changement d’envergure ; il a su engager et conduire une diversification nécessaire et particulièrement judicieuse de notre offre. Il est temps aujourd’hui de franchir une nouvelle étape et nous cherchions un partenaire pour nous accompagner sur le long terme. Nous avons été très sensibles à la philosophie de TSS d’acquérir sans jamais céder, permettant ainsi d’assurer la pérennité de Datamed et de ses équipes au service de nos clients et, à travers eux, des patients. »

    Stephan Thommen, Directeur Général de Datamed, envisage l'avenir avec confiance : « Au cours des neuf dernières années, avec mon équipe, j'ai toujours poursuivi l'objectif de fournir à nos clients le meilleur soutien possible dans leur développement et de renforcer durablement la présence de Datamed sur le marché. Je me réjouis que nous entrions dans une nouvelle ère avec l'affiliation à TSS et que nous puissions prendre un nouvel élan dans les échanges avec les autres sociétés du groupe en Europe, en particulier avec Technidata en France et Biomedical Data Solutions au Royaume-Uni. »

    Datamed est un éditeur de logiciels suisse actif dans le domaine de la santé et des laboratoires d’analyses médicales. Ses efforts continus en recherche et développement lui permettent de répondre aux exigences élevées de ses clients, à la mise sur le marché de solutions toujours plus performantes pour accomplir leurs missions critiques. Datamed s’est depuis toujours positionné au plus proche de ses clients afin de les accompagner. La société a noué des relations de confiance dans la durée avec des centres hospitaliers majeurs et des laboratoires privés en Suisse. Le siège social de Datamed est situé à Givisiez, dans le canton de Fribourg en Suisse.

    -- German press release --

    Total Specific Solutions schliesst mit der Übernahme von Datamed seine erste Transaktion in der Schweiz ab

    Nieuwegein, [11] Januar 2021. Datamed, ein Schweizer Softwarehersteller für Krankenhaus- und private medizinische Analyselabore, hat sich Total Specific Solutions ("TSS") angeschlossen. Mit dieser Akquisition steigt TSS in den Schweizer Softwaremarkt ein und stärkt seine Position im Bereich Gesundheitswesen und Labordienstleistungen.

    Datamed bietet Lösungen, die für den Betrieb von Krankenhaus- und Privatlaboren unerlässlich sind und deckt die wichtigsten Fachbereiche der medizinischen Analyse ab. Seine Lösungen werden insbesondere in den Bereichen klinische Chemie, Hämatologie, Hämostase, Transfusionsserologie, Mikrobiologie und Immunologie eingesetzt. Darüber hinaus umfassen die von Datamed angebotenen Lösungen viele Schlüsselfunktionalitäten wie die Stammdatenverwaltung, die Anbindung von Analysegeräten, die Erfassung, Validierung und Verteilung von Resultaten und Befunden, die Leistungsabrechnung und die elektronische Verordnung. Die Produktpalette von Datamed umfasst ein Laborinformationssystem ("LIS"), DGLab, dessen Derivate DGLab Easy und DGLab Agro sowie eine Plattform für die Vernetzung von Laboren, DGWeb LIS.

    Olivier de Korte, Managing Director von Technidata, einem französischen Unternehmen, das auf Software für öffentliche und private medizinische Labore in Europa, Nordamerika und Asien spezialisiert ist und seit September 2019 zu TSS gehört: "Wir sind sehr stolz, Datamed in der TSS-Gruppe willkommen zu heißen. Diese Operation ermöglicht es uns, unsere geografische Präsenz zu erweitern, indem wir zum ersten Mal in den Software-Markt in der Schweiz eindringen. Bei TSS konzentrieren wir uns auf vertikale Märkte in verschiedenen europäischen Ländern. Datamed passt mit seinen Softwarelösungen, die von den Akteuren des medizinischen Sektors in der Schweiz anerkannt werden, perfekt in diesen Ansatz. Wir schätzen auch die Werte von Datamed, die mit unseren übereinstimmen, und ihre Vision des Marktes. Wir haben jetzt innerhalb von TSS drei renommierte Lösungsanbieter für Labore: Technidata in Frankreich, Biomedical Data Solutions in Grossbritannien und Datamed in der Schweiz. Dies gibt uns die Möglichkeit, unsere besten Praktiken zu teilen und voneinander zu lernen. Datamed hat einen bemerkenswert treuen Kundenstamm, viele Kunden schon seit mehr als zwanzig Jahren dabei, was ein beachtlicher Vorteil ist. Ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Stephan Thommen, der Datamed als selbständige Einheit der Gruppe führen wird. »

    Dr. J.René Haag, Gründer und während 30 Jahren Geschäftsführer von Datamed: "Seit ich Datamed 1982 gegründet habe, haben wir uns immer bemüht, uns weiterzuentwickeln und anzupassen, um an der Spitze zu bleiben, was für unsere Kunden wichtig ist. Wie für alle Familienunternehmen war die Übergabe an Stephan Thommen im Jahr 2012 eine grosse Veränderung; er konnte eine notwendige und besonders sinnvolle Diversifikation unseres Angebots initiieren und leiten. Nun ist es an der Zeit, einen neuen Schritt zu gehen, und wir waren auf der Suche nach einem Partner, der uns langfristig begleitet. Wir waren sehr empfänglich für die TSS-Philosophie, Firmen zu erwerben, ohne sie jemals wieder zu verkaufen, und so die Kontinuität von Datamed und der Mitarbeiter im Dienste unserer Kunden und, durch sie, der Patienten zu gewährleisten. »

    Stephan Thommen, Geschäftsführer der Datamed, blickt zuversichtlich in die Zukunft: "In den vergangenen neun Jahren habe ich gemeinsam mit meinem Team stets das Ziel verfolgt, unsere Kunden in ihrer Entwicklung bestmöglich zu unterstützen und die Marktpräsenz von Datamed nachhaltig zu stärken. Ich freue mich, dass wir mit der Zugehörigkeit zu TSS in eine neue Ära eintreten und im Austausch mit den anderen Unternehmen der Gruppe in Europa, insbesondere mit Technidata, neue Impulse setzen können".

    Datamed ist eine Schweizer Softwareanbieterin, die im Bereich des Gesundheitswesens und der medizinischen Analyselabore tätig ist. Durch kontinuierliche Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeit erfüllt Datamed die hohen Anforderungen ihrer Kunden, die nach immer zuverlässigeren Lösungen für ihre geschäftskritischen Prozesse suchen. Datamed legt seit jeher grossen Wert auf enge Beziehungen zu ihren Kunden und hat langfristige, vertrauensvolle Partnerschaften mit grossen und mittelgrossen Spitälern, Kliniken und Privatlaboren in der Schweiz aufgebaut. Der Hauptsitz von Datamed befindet sich in Givisiez, im Kanton Freiburg in der Schweiz.
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  • Constellation Software Inc. Completes Spin-Out of Inc. TORONTO, Jan. 5, 2021 --

    Constellation Software Inc. (“Constellation”) (TSX:CSU) and Inc. (“”) announced today that Constellation, acting through its Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) operating group and its subsidiary TPCS Holding B.V., has completed the previously announced purchase of 100% of the shares of B.V. (“Topicus”), a Netherlands-based diversified vertical market software provider, from IJssel B.V. and that in connection with the closing of the acquisition, TSS has been spun out of Constellation and now operates, together with Topicus, as a separate public company (collectively, the “Spin-Out Transactions”).
    In connection with the completion of the Spin-Out Transactions, on January 4, 2021, all of Constellation’s common shareholders of record on December 28, 2020 received, by way of a dividend-in-kind, 1.859817814 subordinate voting shares of (the “Spin-Out Shares”) for each common share of Constellation held.
    The Spin-Out Shares have been conditionally approved for listing on the TSX Venture Exchange, subject to’s fulfillment of final listing requirements. Trading of the Spin-Out Shares on the TSX Venture Exchange is expected to begin on or about February 1, 2021.

    Daan Dijkhuizen, Chief Executive Officer of “We are delighted that the intended combination of Topicus and TSS into is now a fact. A promising combination is born. As stated in May 2020, we see TSS as the designated partner to fulfil our further growth ambitions in Europe. The combination contains a wealth of opportunities for our colleagues, customers and business partners.
    Both Topicus and TSS have a strong culture of entrepreneurship and proven craftsmanship, combined with great focus. The mutual additional benefits lie in the union of healthy business operations, effective and customer-oriented services, and innovative strength.
    I really look forward to joining forces with the Operating Group CEOs of TSS, Han Knooren and Ramon Zanders, and the 4,500 professionals within the TSS and Topicus Operating Groups.”

    Robin van Poelje, Chairman of the Board of “The creation and spinout of enables us to stand fully on our own feet and focus on our ambition to build a leading European Vertical Market Software company while still being part of Constellation Software’s global ecosystem. will operate on a strongly decentralized basis, providing for autonomy, entrepreneurship and identity to all of our business units while maintaining our competitive advantage of exchanging best practices on a global scale and creating a great learning environment to our employees supporting us to deliver value to our customers.”

    Early Warning Reporting Disclosure
    In connection with the Spin-Out Transactions, each of Constellation and Joday Investments II B.V. (“Joday”) will file early warning reports in respect of their ownership of the subordinate voting shares of (the “Topicus Shares”), and/or their ownership of securities, which are either exchangeable for, or convertible into, Topicus Shares. The head office of is located at 20 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1200, Toronto, Ontario. Copies of the early warning reports will be available on SEDAR, and can be obtained by contacting Jamal Baksh at the number below.
    Constellation’s address is 20 Adelaide Street East, Suite 1200, Toronto, Ontario. On January 4, 2021, in connection with the Spin-Out Transactions, Constellation acquired (i) 39,412,385 Topicus Shares, immediately following which 39,412,367 of such shares were distributed to Constellation’s shareholders, and 18 of such shares were retained by Constellation, (ii) 1 super voting share of and (iii) 39,412,385 preferred shares of The super voting share and the preferred shares held by Constellation are convertible into Topicus Shares on a one for one basis. Prior to the completion of the foregoing transactions, Constellation owned 1 common share of, representing 100% of the then issued and outstanding securities of Following the completion of the foregoing transactions, Constellation owns 18 Topicus Shares (representing 0.000046% of the issued and outstanding Topicus Shares), 1 super voting share of (representing 100% of the outstanding super voting shares of and 39,412,385 preferred shares of (representing 100% of the outstanding preferred shares of Constellation’s ownership of Topicus Shares is 30.35% on a fully-diluted basis. Constellation acquired the securities of as part of the Spin-Out Transactions. Constellation may purchase or sell securities of in the future on the open market or in private transactions, depending on market and economic conditions and other factors material to the investment decisions of Constellation.
    Joday’s address is Binnenweg 1A, 1261 EK Blaricum, The Netherlands. On January 4, 2021, in connection with the Spin-Out Transactions, Joday acquired (i) 18,479,460 ordinary units of Coöperatief U.A. (“Topicus Coop”), and (ii) 18,479,460 preference units of Topicus Coop. The ordinary units and preference units of Topicus Coop held by Joday are exchangeable, directly or indirectly, for Topicus Shares on a one for one basis. Prior to the completion of the foregoing transactions, Joday did not own any securities of, or securities exchangeable for securities of Following completion of the foregoing transactions, Joday owns 18,479,460 ordinary units of Topicus Coop (representing 28.46% of the ordinary units of Topicus Coop) and 18,479,460 preference units of Topicus Coop (representing 28.46% of the preference units of Topicus Coop). Joday’s ownership of Topicus Shares is 28.5% on a fully-diluted basis. Joday acquired the securities of Topicus Coop as part of the Spin-Out Transactions. Joday may purchase or sell securities of Topicus Coop or in the future on the open market or in private transactions, depending on market and economic conditions and other factors material to the investment decisions of Joday.

    Forward Looking Statements
    Forward Looking Statements Certain statements herein may be “forward looking” statements that involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual events to be materially different from any future events expressed or implied by such forward -looking statements. Words such as “may”, “will”, “expect”, “believe”, “plan”, “intend”, “should”, “anticipate” and other similar terminology are intended to identify forward looking statements. Forward looking statements in this press release include, but are not limited to, the intention of the Topicus Shares to begin trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on or about February 1, 2021. Such forward looking statements involve significant risks and uncertainties, should not be read as guarantees of future results, and will not necessarily be accurate indications of whether or not such results will be achieved, or when such results will be achieved. A number of factors could cause actual results to vary significantly from the results discussed in the forward looking statements. These forward looking statements reflect current assumptions and expectations regarding future events and are made as of the date hereof and Constellation assumes no obligation, except as required by law, to update any forward looking statements to reflect new events or circumstances.

    About is a leading pan-European provider of vertical market software and vertical market platforms to clients in public and private sector markets. Operating and investing in countries and markets across Europe with long-term growth potential, acquires, builds and manages leading software companies providing specialized, mission-critical and high-impact software solutions that address the particular needs of customers.

    About TSS
    Total Specific Solutions is a European vertical market software company, consisting of independent specialized business units which supply products and services to their specific market. This market expertise is, in most cases, based on decades of experience. TSS is predominantly active in the following sectors: local and central government, healthcare, retail, financial services and accountancy, legal services, real estate, automotive and professional associations. TSS is active in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Romania, Iceland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Additional information can be found on the website:

    About Topicus
    Topicus has been at the forefront of devising and building smart software since 2001. The focus is on developing innovative software platforms. Topicus connects organizations, professionals and end users within and across vertical markets. Topicus is active in the following sectors: education, healthcare, finance and social services. With over 1,000 employees, Topicus works on a daily basis to make an impact through its IT. More information can be found on the website:

    About Constellation Software Inc.
    Constellation acquires, manages and builds vertical market software businesses that provide mission-critical software solutions.

    For further information, contact:
    Constellation Software Inc.
    Jamal Baksh, Chief Financial Officer
    Tel: (416) 861-9677
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