Our Companies

  • Dynamic Software NV was founded in 1983 by Wilfried de Greef and supplies software for the Belgian automotive vertical. Dynamic Software services round 450 customers and its flagship product FlexiGar is an end-to-end software suite for the garage sector. Show more
  • Helios Auto is a Danish software company with a leading position in the automotive vertical, servicing more than 1,500 auto repair shops and car dealerships in the Nordics. The Helios software is a complete integrated IT system that supports the management of daily operations for auto shops and adjacent segments in the automotive aftermarket. The company was founded in 1993 (formerly RST ApS) and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with an additional office presence in Verdal, Norway. Show more
  • Infoflex Data is a supplier of business systems focusing on dealerships, repair shops and wholesalers in the automotive industry. Infoflex’s mission is to add value to their customers’ business operations and profitability with effective IT solutions. Infoflex Data operates in Sweden and has its headquarters in central Stockholm and local offices in Lund, Orebro, Ostersund, and Lulea.
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  • MIS is an Irish company and has a 20-year track record delivering in-vehicle telematic solutions to a wide variety of companies in Ireland and partners in South
    Africa, Mexico and the USA. MIS develops software products that enable our clients to better manage their fleet assets across a diverse range of industries. The founding directors are still with the business today. MIS is operating from their HQ in Swords, Ireland, with a separate office in Cardiff, Wales.
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