Our Companies

  • Beedr is an expert in mobility solutions, helping clients in all branches to move their company optimally. Beedr has a team of optimists with a sense of humor who work hard at supporting the market’s mobility needs by supplying solid software solutions. They combine their market knowledge with lasting software products that have been tested by clients in several sectors such as public, care, and people transportation. Show more
  • The team at Hi Tech Mobility has been developing and optimizing mobility solutions for tolling, ferries, and parking management since 2004. This laid the groundwork for developing smart mobility solutions such as Sesam, a parking management system that supplies hassle-free parking for vehicles, as well as allowing people with valid agreements to move freely in and out of the facilities, plus taking care of all the payment and backend needs. Hi! has its office in Bergen, Norway.
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  • M.SOFT, founded in 1989, is a provider of business information systems (ERP/TMS/WMS), optimization and process mobilization software (Mobility) for the transport and logistic sectors and the entire industry in general. Service quality and continuous improvement are core values. M.SOFT has over 50 experienced people and a portfolio of more than 115 customers in Spain and Latin America, giving support to close to 500 companies. M.SOFT is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Show more
  • TANS develops, consults on, supplies, implements, and maintains business software for SME businesses in the transport and logistical markets in the Benelux. TANS has two software products, TALIS and IMPACT, that cover the transport and warehouse management needs of around 400 2PL and 3PL transport and logistical companies in the Benelux. The solutions are also suitable for the sub-verticals of road transportation. The company that was founded in 1985 has around 30 employees. It is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with an additional office in Antwerp, Belgium. Show more