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  • If knowledge-intensive, rule-driven business processes lie at the heart of your business, you know how complicated it can be to be truly agile. Governments, banks, insurers and other service organizations want to be able to respond rapidly and efficiently to dynamic market developments and changing legislation. However, the rules for implementing these processes are rarely laid down in a structural manner. They are not centralized, nor repeatable or scalable, which means that every modification is a time-consuming, costly operation.

    At Blueriq, we believe IT must never restrict the configuration of your business processes. On the contrary, IT exists to strengthen your business. To raise your service levels. And to contribute to the sustainable growth of your organization. Blueriq makes this possible by modeling, automating and integrating all of your business processes in one central environment. This enables you to respond more quickly and make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. On top of that, it means you have more insight into, and more control over, your business processes. If the rules of the game in your market change every day, why not become a game changer yourself?

    Make your own rules.
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  • Yonder is the reliable development partner for software product companies. Our services include software development for new initiatives, modernizations, and application management. Our customers experience such benefits as carefree delivery, reduced time to market, flexibility, and scalability. Yonder has clients and projects in Europe and the USA in horizontals such as ERP and BPM, and in many different verticals: healthcare, local government, finance and insurance, waste management, legal, security and surveillance, lease management, food service and education. Show more