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  • Adapt Informatique was founded in 2001 and has a modern solution for the real estate market for independent and multi-site agencies, collaborative agency networks, franchises, and cooperatives. They support real estate professionals in the development of their commercial activities, offering them a range of services: Adapt immo real estate software, the multi-posting of their ads, collaborative work, the design of their website, referencing on Google, and more. Adapt Informatique has its headquarters in Montpellier, France. Show more
  • Bright Answers are software suppliers located in Rotterdam. Using innovative new technology, they help housing associations in realizing their business objectives through the integration of customer and work processes, intranets, portals, and intelligent workflows. Quality of their services and customer orientation are fundamental. Visit the website: www.brightanswers.eu/nl/ Show more
  • Hercules is an independent business unit serving the social housing vertical. It used to be part of Centric and was acquired by TSS in January 2019. Hercules provides software solutions known as Wocas, WocasOnline, and other products. Wocas is an ERP solution that supports the primary social housing processes.

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  • Itris offers a complete solution for the information services of public housing associations with its software suites ViewPoint and ViewPoint GO!. These ERP solutions help to improve the quality and efficiency of the business operations of these housing corporations. The ViewPoint product suite is suitable for medium to large public housing associations in the Netherlands and offers a best practice solution. For the smaller housing corporations ( Show more
  • NCCW is a modern IT service provider and offers a total solution for the social housing industry. We make sure processes in real estate companies run optimally and efficiently so customer satisfaction will increase. More than 1.5 million tenants and thousands of suppliers are able to take care of their online business with social housing companies every day. With 180 employees NCCW supports more than half the number of social housing companies in the Netherlands. Show more
  • NETiKA Real Estate Solutions was founded in 1987 and during the last 15 years it has focused on web-based solutions. NETiKA Real Estate Solutions solution is modular based, covering all end-to-end processes of real estate organizations in public and private sectors in both Belgium and France, servicing around 30 clients. NETiKA Real Estate Solutions is headquartered in Wavre, Belgium, and has an office in Paris France. Show more
  • Prek is a family business that nurtures its culture of customer focus, which has been the basis of the business since Prek was founded more than 40 years ago. FasAd Mäklarsystem, a CRM and Brokerage System, is Prek's core product and the complete customer relationship and business support system that gives a real estate agent full support throughout the buying and selling process. Show more
  • Prequest enables professionals responsible for the realization and management of buildings, technical infrastructure or facility services to achieve better returns from projects and work processes, by helping employees receive maximum support from their working environment. Prequest is a standard software suite for service and housing processes using workflows to help clients efficiently manage their facility and service processes. Prequest was founded in 1990 and is located in Bunnik, the Netherlands. Show more
  • Qonsio has over 40 years of experience in social housing, and as part of TSS, we give our clients optimal services. We support over 180 housing corporations with high-value services and innovative software for finance, real estate, and control. This combination makes us the perfect partner. Show more
  • Salvia Group is a vertical market software company with solutions for social housing, real estate, and the public sector verticals. The Salvia Group develops comprehensive product offerings to address current and future market demand in specific vertical markets. The company serves more than 1,300 real estate companies (o.a. social housing companies, real estate developers, development corporations, and engineering firms) and over 2,500 government authorities (o.a. regions, departments, EFA, EPCI, municipalities, and public institutions) in the metropolitan territory and overseas. The Salvia Group headquarters are located in Aubervilliers, France. Show more
  • SCEPIA supports more than 120 social housing companies on a daily basis through rental management, setting up the real estate operations and HR solutions. SCEPIA’s software solutions cover all business processes: tenant management, assets and maintenance management, financial and analytical management, set-up and operations management. SCEPIA supports the digital transformation of its customers by implementing new services (customer portal and application, inventory on tablets, etc.).
    SCEPIA is located in Paris and Aix-en-Provence, France.
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