Our Companies

  • It’s the age of the customer. All eyes are on customer experience and customer engagement. That’s why Blueriq helps organizations by creating real, personal connections with their customers. Since 1995 we’ve been developing solutions for financials, central government organizations, and software vendors with our knowledge-intensive and rule-driven technology. By combining our expertise, approach, and technology, we make a personal touch possible in each customer journey. No matter the complexity of the process. Because a happy customer is the best business strategy of all. Show more
  • FDC A/S supplies IT solutions to the insurance and pension sector and has a broad reach and large customer base totaling more than 7 million policies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden with tailored and specific software solutions. FDC was founded over 50 years ago through a collaboration of several insurance companies. FDC A/S is based in Ballerup, Denmark. Show more
  • Metamicro is a vertical market software company with solutions for the financial services industry. It has been established in 1995 and has since gained a strong market position, especially among the largest banks and insurance companies in France. Metamicro develops and publishes professional software products, such as the solutions Heremus, Ligis, Caris, and Saisar. Their quality and range of features are the result of many years of experience in development and their solid understanding of the market needs. Metamicro is located in Paris, France. Show more
  • VDV was founded in 1969 and has developed into a cloud-based software company that offers broker software and clearing services to the insurance sector. It is a market leader for processing insurance data and delivers integrated solutions for insurance brokers and companies. VDV bases the digital communication between insurers and intermediaries on the established BiPRO and GDV standards. The insurance platform integrates the clearing services with the powerful, cloud-based broker management system OfficeBase. The company has its office in Hamburg, Germany. Show more