Our Companies

  • Arter was founded in the 1990s initially as a consultancy company focusing on assessments and consulting related to different quality management systems. From its expertise in consulting, and supported by demand from its customers, it has evolved into a leading quality management and enterprise architecture software solution provider for the Finnish market. Arter also continues to deliver professional and training services to provide its customers with a complete offering. Arter is located in Helsinki, Finland. Show more
  • The core of BCT Software is Enterprise Information Management; ensuring that information is managed, processed and shared in a secure way, conforming to the archival legislation and privacy and GDPR rules. Reliability is the foundation for their success over the past 35 years. Sustainable involvement with customers, partners and stakeholders has made us the leading supplier in this segment. Founded in 1985, BCT Software has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and has around 300 direct customers. Show more
  • With our knowledge of local authorities, our understanding of urban processes, our belief in the power of networks and our passion for data, we contribute to the development of smart cities. Cities with a pleasant living environment for residents, businesses and visitors. Where data is at the service of smart applications that reduce operational costs, lead to sustainable solutions and improve services. Show more
  • Cosoluce is a pure player in the VMS market dedicated to the local government sector in particular for the small local authorities. Founded in 2002, it has its headquarters in Pau, France. Cosoluce offers a solution suite for the full range of processes at the small and medium French authorities. Cosoluce serves more than 6.000 local authorities in the French territories. Show more
  • Since 1987, the name DOBRICK + WAGNER has stood for the development and support of economical IT solutions in the Social Affairs sector. They have built close relationships with their clients and know their structures and processes. The VIA-S suite, combined with the services helps their clients in many facets of their daily operations. DOBRICK + WAGNER is located in Dortmund, Germany. Show more
  • Emergo Systems was founded in 1987 and is a specialized supplier of software solutions for the social domain. Emergo Systems delivers standard software solutions, on-premise and in the cloud, for executing the Employment, the Sheltered Employment, and the Work & Income Act. Emergo Systems supports, among others, the social services departments of municipalities, sheltered workshops, and vocational rehabilitation companies. Part of her DNA is participating in knowledge transfer in an extensive network of end-users, local and central government institutions, partners and other software suppliers. Show more
  • Héliantis is an IT service provider with its head office located in Pau, France and was founded in 1993. Héliantis provides hosting, cloud, and internet services to a wide range of clients and has a specialized subsidiary for local authorities. Héliantis puts all its skills at the service of the information systems of its customers and those of Cosoluce. Show more
  • The company was founded in 1981 as a software development and distribution company. The company carries several product lines: APM-Professional and APM-Municipal, process and project management software for enterprises and the public sector. The flagship product is KGG for the calculation and collection of certain municipal taxes from enterprises and individuals. This solution also contains a GIS graphical processing support tool. And they offer interfaces to connect all solutions within the clients’ ecosystems. The company has its office in Hannover, Germany. Show more
  • KMO Solutions consults and support companies and sectors in securing issues relating to quality, working conditions, environment, and safety with the state of the art software. KMO Solutions stands for enduring advice, and with their knowledge and more than 25 years of experience, they help customers in complying efficiently and reliably with the ever more complex rules and regulations. Show more
  • Kred'it, located in Eindhoven, is a specialist in software for debt assistance. Kred'it has in-depth knowledge of the debt relief sector based on many years of experience. Kred'it has three software products that each support a process within the debt relief sector. Kred'it also offers consultancy for the industry. Show more
  • Magenta MMT was founded in April 1995 and has since delivered high-end systems for the overall organization for management and improvement of (professional) proficiency of individual employees and the organization as a whole. The Magenta suite offers proficiency management, E-learning and course administration. Show more
  • NotuBiz renders the political decision making insightful. The services of NotuBiz are for the elected representatives, directors, and their supporting staff a means to fulfill their role in our democracy. The services are based on the profound knowledge of the political meeting process, which is continuously customized to fit the work process of the customers. Show more
  • Onetrail is a data logistics specialist with smart, trustworthy, and accessible solutions for all product and order data related challenges. For twenty years, Onetrail has been offering standard and tailored solutions for every company within the trading, public and governmental sector. Within the Dutch consumer electronics retail vertical, Onetrail is the market leader for data logistics solutions, and within the rest of Europe, Onetrail operates hundreds of active data links. Show more
  • The State is allocating an increasing number of tasks and responsibilities to local and other governmental institutions and at the same time, they have to implement cost-savings and increase the level and quality of services. There is an emergence of cooperation between municipalities, water authorities, security & safety regions, administrative agencies and other stakeholders. Exchanging information efficiently and securely is of the essence to make the collaborations work. The information that will be exchanged should be available, up-to-date, secure, and verifiable. And it needs to be accessible only to those who have clearance. And the use of the available data is becoming increasingly attractive; analysis and research of data offer opportunities to create policies and improve processes. Our motto is: ‘data is the most important advisor.’ Our main products focus on data transformation and storage (CiVision Makelaar Gegevens), data distribution and broker (CiVision Gemeentelijke Servicebus), and data control and reporting (CiVision Integraal Raadplegen / CiVision Operationele Overzichten).

    PinkRoccade also provides managing services to maintain the software and the systems on which the software runs. With these services, we can help our customers to make optimal use of our applications. Municipalities can choose to have us manage the latest releases and updates of our software for them. Also, our specialists can also take over the technical maintenance of the municipal systems. We take care of all the needs, infrastructure and technical, through the certified Pink Private Cloud environment.
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  • In the coming years, Dutch municipalities need to implement drastic spending cuts while performing more complex tasks. At the same time, the demand increases for high-quality service for citizens, organizations, and institutions. The reorganization of tasks of the underlying processes is inevitable. The solution is an integrated management of business operations. This offers municipalities the opportunity to reduce the costs of their operations while improving their service offering to internal and external clients.

    The public support departments (finance, HR, facility management, communication and information management) need to cooperate more closely in the future. Furthermore, their role and function will change: from autonomous and operational to service minded. Support will be more aligned with the primary processes and should facilitate and simplify these and make them more user-friendly. When the support processes are well organized and integrated, then the primary processes will run more smoothly, and the employees can improve the service level.

    An integrated business operation means better processes and also generates better management information.
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  • Municipalities are getting more and more responsibilities and tasks from the State and they have to reduce their costs. However, the quality of their services and level may not decline, it should even improve. With PinkRoccade Local Government iNzicht we try to help municipalities with this challenge by giving insights in their data. With our software you can make from your data useful overviews and diagrams on different levels from operational to strategic overviews. Because of this a municipality can see where there money is going and if it is well spend. PinkRoccade Local Government iNzicht also offers their data warehouse solution. A lot of municipalities don’t have the means to develop and/or to build a data warehouse. We help them to build is for them for low costs and maintain the quality of the data warehouse. Show more
  • Citizens will always be dependent upon the municipalities for civil services. However, it is evident that the dependency is changing shape. The citizen has become central in the service approach and the municipalities will have a directing and facilitating rather than an executive role. The majority of services will be processed digitally; services via the desk will be the exceptions.

    PinkRoccade facilitates municipalities with the transformation to the service offering of the future. PinkRoccade supports them with suitable IT solutions and appropriate advice, but also by offering the entire services and products portfolio in the Pink Private Cloud. And by developing apps that meet the legislation requirements and the demand for digitization.

    What are the needs of your municipality? Solutions that offer innovative self-service functionality by which citizens and stakeholders can render the services themselves, 24/7, and which are not location dependent. Standardization and digitization not only provide opportunities to deliver citizens with better and quicker service, but it also means fewer costs and better cooperation.

    The citizen is the cheapest civil servant: e-services are the key to better services.
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  • PinkRoccade Local Government has multiple Business Units targeting specific areas of or services within the local governments. Social Affairs caters to the social aspects that have now become the sole responsibility of the Dutch municipalities. This means that they drastically need to revise their operational processes for youth care, education, work and naturalization, income, care and welfare, and debt counseling. Reducing the complexity of these tasks by managing them efficiently.

    Key in the new solutions by Social Affairs is:

    Meeting high service demands
    One single view per client
    Flexible, open and multi-functional
    Self-service concept for the citizens
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  • The policy Tax & Properties that consists of object registration, and taxes & the cadastral registry, will undergo many changes in the coming years.

    The objective? To establish one integral, digital object registry. The first steps are interfacing the BAG (basic registration addresses and buildings) and WOZ (value of immovable property) and the connections to the LV WOZ (national facility WOZ), the BRK (Tax Regulation for the Kingdom of the Netherlands), and the WKPB (the Act on awareness of immovable property restrictions under public law). Major operations that should give an impulse to the quality and accessibility of all physical objects in the Netherlands and its interfaces with other registries.

    The local governments need to realize this major operation with fewer people while the number of tasks will increase as well as the complexity of the tasks. And the citizens demand 24/7 access online and insight into their data. PinkRoccade Local Government helps municipalities to meet these challenges by supporting, redesigning and implementing the operation for this area. And by offering solutions that comply with the new standards and are future-proof.
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  • Prime is the division that provides the resource management solution of Innofactor, the Modern Digital Organization in the Nordics for Microsoft-based B2B solutions. Prime focuses primarily on religious organizations but has other public and private companies in their portfolio as well. Currently, Prime is based in Helsinki, Finland Show more
  • Salvia Group is a vertical market software company with solutions for social housing, real estate, and the public sector verticals. The Salvia Group develops comprehensive product offerings to address current and future market demand in specific vertical markets. The company serves more than 1,300 real estate companies (o.a. social housing companies, real estate developers, development corporations, and engineering firms) and over 2,500 government authorities (o.a. regions, departments, EFA, EPCI, municipalities, and public institutions) in the metropolitan territory and overseas. The Salvia Group headquarters are located in Aubervilliers, France. Show more
  • For over 30 years, Square has developed software products and custom solutions for the public and legal sectors regarding the management of knowledge and information. The apps by Square are used by governmental institutions and law firms as well as large enterprises at home and abroad. The customers appreciate Square for its expertise and technical creativity. Square is located in Roermond. Show more
  • We deliver software for permit application procedures and enforcement, and more for local governments. Our integrated solution connects multiple applications, data, and documents offering both municipalities and citizens a single user-friendly window for the information. The modern-day application takes care of all the administrative hassle and enables municipalities to be compliant with complex legislation. Show more
  • Since 1993, Tribofilm has become a specialist in maintenance management software. Their continuous investment in research and development means that they meet their customers’ needs by providing high-end solutions. Innovation and simplicity are keywords at Tribofilm. At present, Tribofilm has more than 300 customers at 1,000 locations and over 15,000 users. Their clients vary from large international groups to local authorities. Its solutions have been implemented in around twenty countries and translated into eight languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish and Russian). Tribofilm is located in Périgny, La Rochelle, France. Show more
  • Vicrea Integration & Information
    Vicrea Integration & Information is an innovative developer of software solutions for integrating and distributing data, and presenting information. She helps organizations in achieving optimal data exchange and transforming data into accessible, valuable information.

    Vicrea Object Registration
    Vicrea object registration is a leading developer of software solutions for government organizations that register data following government guidelines. Vicrea uses the location as a connection element between the data and provides an integrated solution for simplifying data management.

    Vicrea Geo Competence Center
    Vicrea Geo Competence Center delivers professional GIS-services and solutions to organizations with a public service mission. The Geo Competence Center consist of experts with a passion for GIS who Go for Innovation and Success (GIS). By using the power of GIS, the Vicrea Geo Competence Center reduces the complexity of doing business for public service organizations so they can save time and money.
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