Our Companies

  • Notarisdossier is software for modern-day and demanding notary offices. It is an online solution that offers optimal support for notary offices so that they can work efficiently and be customer-centric. It is user-friendly, and its modular setup makes it easy to align with the processes at each notary office. Notarisdossier is very well-suited to support communications with prospects and existing clients. It streamlines all processes, which then seamlessly flow into the other. There is also www.advocatendossier.nl Show more
  • Quantaris B.V., founded in 1992, supports the notary market in optimizing all its IT processes. Quantaris supplies in-house developed software: Quantaris Beheer & Informatie Systeem (Qu-BIS), a notary management and information system. All the data needed to compose a complete dossier are recorded in a structured manner and immediately available to generate a deed for the client interactively. Qu-BIS is integrated among others with the ECH, KIK of the Cadastral Agency, the Guardianship Register and National Register of Insolvencies, the GBA and the Chamber of Commerce. Qu-BIS can be extended to include the online client portal. Show more
  • For over 30 years, Square has developed software products and custom solutions for the public and legal sectors regarding the management of knowledge and information. The apps by Square are used by governmental institutions and law firms as well as large enterprises at home and abroad. The customers appreciate Square for its expertise and technical creativity. Show more
  • Van Brug Software B.V., founded in 1985, is a software solution provider in the legal market and is specialized in the development, sales, implementation and support of end-to-end business software for the notary office. In April 2015, Van Brug Software joined Total Specific Solutions, a leading vertical market company consisting of independent business units that provide market-specific solutions and services to their verticals. TSS is part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), a listed Canadian company. Show more