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  • Geoactive (formerly Subsurface, part of Lloyd’s Register) consists of two dedicated software solutions for the oil and gas vertical: Interactive Petrophysics (IP), a well analysis solution and Interactive Correlations (IC), a well interpretation software product. Geoactive has demonstrated applicability in new energy markets, its IP and IC software are being used across a variety of new energy markets. Geoactive will be added to the GeoSoftware ecosystem but will operate as an independent business unit. Show more
  • GeoSoftware reservoir characterization technology and services link geophysics, geology, and petrophysics for optimum workflows that drive greater reservoir understanding. Enhanced cloud and machine learning capabilities, optimized computing performance, and a superior user experience are hallmarks of its industry-trusted brands. The GeoSoftware portfolio includes Jason, HampsonRussell, PowerLog, RockSI, InsightEarth®, and VelPro.
    Global clients rely on the company’s geoscience expertise to build the most accurate and detailed reservoir models and elevate subsurface knowledge. GeoSoftware is committed to continued innovation to address complex challenges in all types of reservoirs and reduce risk, cost, and cycle-time throughout the field lifecycle. Comprehensive geoscience knowledge, solutions, and consulting services from GeoSoftware bring valuable insight to natural resource exploration and development, enhancing clients’ E&P success.
    Headquartered in Houston, Texas USA, GeoSoftware has experts located in 17 countries from which they serve clients across the globe.
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